It’s good to see that I am not the only one out there who is burning out on my reading due to bad covers and bad blurbs turning me off on books!

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I read about people all over the place being in reading slumps. I’ve seen reviewers on major, long-established book blogs saying they’re not reading much at the moment, that they’re burnt out and struggling to find books that interest them.

So I assumed some of my own thoughts about recent fads in romance fiction were held by a lot of people.

One thing I know I’m in the minority on is romance covers. I hate many of them, and disagree with authors who argue it’s not the naked-people covers turning people away from the genre. (I say this because *I* didn’t read romance for years – mostly because of the trashy covers.)

However, after thinking I just had no clue what most readers enjoyed, I’m starting to think it’s actually the publishers who are doing crazy things to the genre and turning devoted readers away.

Recently I blogged about…

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