Update for Case #6116 – “Hoffman Challenge”

Thank you for checking with us, the Challenge collection is expected in mid to late October.

I admit, the 2015 Hoffman Challenge Fabric was, to me, completely uninspiring…. but others didn’t have that problem. The winners are posted here and they are, of course, stunning. This was the fabric:

This is the winner in Mixed Media, where I normally enter:

First Place Mixed Technique QM090 “Hawaiian Fireworks” 37″ H x 37″ W Ann Petersen Aurora, CO

The winner for Applique, where I have entered before (and been a Traveling Show Winner!) is:

First Place Appliqué QA003 “Searching for Peace” 41″ H x 29″ W Dawn Sykes Fort Collins, CO

Did you notice that both winners are from Colorado?? I have to get on a stick if I am going to live up to their standards!

Here are the fabrics for 2016, Crystalia. I must use one of these two in my quilt.


These are secondary fabrics you may or may not use, but are recommended.



A rough hand sketch. I will use it for the underlay and hand-cut applique pieces for my hand painted fabrics.

Here is my sketch for the quilt. Yes, it is very rough, but I got excited when I saw the fabrics! The top part is an old-fashioned “Dahlia” pieced pattern. The lower part is all applique. It pulls the modern feel of today’s hand-painted and dyed quilts, such as the “Best First Time Entry Applique” (see below) (that face painting is amazing). The top part is the original pieced pattern from approximately 1840.

Now I can hardly WAIT for the fabric to become available so I can Start!

Best First Time Entry Appliqué QA028 “My Pashmina” 29″ H x 37″ W Barbara Lloyd Bellvue, CO

Private Sale for Zestful Creations!2009 Hoffman Challenge Quilt. It traveled with the trunk show that year, and was sold to a private party.

This quilt is my 2009 Hoffman Challenge Mixed Media runner-up. It traveled all over the United States. It then went on to be juried into the Quilt Colorado Quilt Show to quite a bit of viewer acclaim. The judges thought my animals were too obvious – well, it IS called “Which is More Beautiful, The Scenery or the Wildlife?” To me, both are breathtaking, and neither overshadows the other. That little cottage down in the left hand corner is everyone’s dream cottage in the mountains.