The holidays are coming. I know, hard to believe, isn’t it? Time goes so fast! But there is still time to make gifts for the young, and young-at-heart, in your life. Stitch it Simple is a great little book with perfect ideas for handmade gifts.

Let’s face it – anyone can go out and buy a gift. However, there isn’t really any ‘heart’ in those sorts of gifts. Why not make something yourself, something special for the people in your life?

There are many projects to choose from, and all are super easy. Add decoration to customize a Hobby Lobby purchased lampshade. Add a simple tree applique to a canvas tote bag and fill it with favorite food items or other things your recipient might like. The designs don’t have to be incredibly difficult. I find that coloring books from Dover Publishing are a tremendous source for simple designs. The birds and flowers books are very simple lines and lovely illustrations. You can sew up bunting, pillows, a butterfly mobile and soft stuffed letters for a new baby nursery. You can even make a simple quilt for the crib from squares of fabrics and letters to match the alphabet theme. Cut out squares of fabric, use the letter­­­­­ templates provided and copy them onto freezer paper. Iron the freezer paper onto fabric and cut them out. Sew them by hand or by machine onto each square. Sew the squares together, add backing and binding and sew it all together simply, either by hand or by playing with all those cool stitch patterns on your machine. Voila! A whole new baby nursery for pennies!

If you have ever wanted to sew but were afraid to try, this is the perfect little book to allow you to create wonderful items for very little money. You can grow your confidence with all these quick, simple little lovelies. It is going on my “OMG I need a gift quick!” shelf.

I received Stitch it Simple from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. This is a great book, and a great gift, for the beginning sewer. It is available right now on