Philadelphia Zoo black footed cats Soo cute! I am not doing reviews right now, too busy, but I saw this and couldn’t resist sharing. Back soon to reviews!

The kittens were born to mom Aza on April 8. The two boys are named Drogon and Viserion, and their sister is Rhaegal. They’re the first of the small African wild cat species to be born at the zoo.

And while we are being cute and adorable, here are a few of the babies born to zoos in 2014. To see more, click here!

Clouded leopard cubs Houston zoo
MOM!!! She has her back claws in my privates!!
baby pygmy hippo Parken Zoo
Olivia, better known as “Michelin Man” born at the Parken Zoo in Sweden.
OKC zoo gorilla baby
Western Lowland Gorilla born at the Oklahoma City Zoo.


Southern white rhino born at The Wilds

An increasingly rare white rhino born at The Wilds in Ohio.

clouded leopard Cotswold
Nimbus, Clouded Leopard Cub. Can you believe people slaughter these wondrous creatures for their coats?
Tapir at the Chester Zoo
So that is what a Brazilian Tapir looks like! This is Zatharis
Jackson the okapi calf
For some reason, I always want to search out the Okapi first when I visit the San Diego Zoo. Cute, huh?