I think at long last, we are passing a tipping point on renewable energy, in particular solar and wind energy. The article below references it more as a turning point, but the public and industry are seeing the dividends that are presented with healthier and environmentally safer energy, which also is producing jobs. Further, the cost of production is falling so dramatically, it is close to being on par with other sources. And, when the cost of water loss, clean-up, maintenance, healthcare, environmental degradation, and litigation are valued for fossil fuel produced energy, the comparative cost of renewable energy is even more compelling.

Please do read the attached article called “Solar and wind just passed another big turning point.” But, keep the following tidbits in mind as you do:

  • Amazon, Facebook, Google and other companies that manage electricity intensive data centers are powering them with solar energy.
  • Aldi, IKEA, Target and Walmart and…

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