The Reaper and the Cop is the first book in the anthology Wicked After Dark: 20 Steamy Paranormal Tales . . . I like Mina. She writes quite a bit with Celia Kyle, and I have always enjoyed their funny, relaxed writing with a heavy dose of sexy. The Reaper and the Cop isn’t as funny as some of her work, but I still enjoyed it. Laney Larsen is a Reaper. Oh, she may be tiny and human, but Reapers are darn hard to kill. And that is a good thing. Since rolling into Liberty, Oakwood (OK, is it Liberty, or is it Oakwood? Can’t figure out the whole Liberty, Oakwood thing, but that is just me being weird.) Anyway. Following the lines of what is apparently going to be a bloodbath badly in need of a Reaper, Laney finds something more than she expected. First, the Lycans are a big problem in Liberty. And second? Well, after getting her backside handed to her by a Lycan, the Young and Driven cop Laney pinpoints as her ‘in’ to the coming slaughter is quite a bit different than she expected. And when her Grimm decides to take a hike and leave her to her own devices, things heat up quickly between her and the cop. But then, when the Lycan shows up again with a bad attitude and flashing claws, things may be a lot more than they seem. And the whole cop Troy being the owner of a nice shiny silver, almost-ready-to-reap lifeline, may spell some pain in the overall.

This is the first in a series, and it is now on my list. Again, it wasn’t as much fun as some of the others she has written with Celia, but I liked it well enough to mark it as “To Read” on goodreads.

I’ve only read “The Reaper and the Cop” from this anthology so far.