Wicked Magic (7 Wicked Tales Featuring Witches, Demons, Vampires, Fae, and More)Anthologies. What could be better? I have found some truly wonderful “New to Me” authors in anthologies, as well as exclusive stories by authors I love. Wicked Magic doesn’t disappoint my expectations.

Dire Straits by Helen Harper. I have had Bo Blackman on my “Read” list for quite a while, but haven’t had the opportunity to try yet. This story is the first in the Blackman series, and I loved it. We first meet Bo as she sits in a truly nasty neighborhood, waiting to serve papers on an errant halfbreed daemon. Well, needing to pee may have saved her this time. But who seems to want Bo locked away – and the world to change in cruel and terrifying ways. Helen jumps to my “Gonna Read for Sure” list. 5 of 5

Dog With A Bone. Hailey Edwards. Thierry’s story is a YA. The daughter of Death, literally, Thierry has a very specialized, and very dangerous, skill. One that means she is a Paranormal Marshall – or she leaves her home in Texas for the wilds of faerie. The story itself is quite good, though the whole “Eighteen-year-old girl finds love and hot nookie with a man decades her senior” thing sort of creeps me out. Enjoyed it, but I am not a YA lover, so won’t add the series to my lists. 3 of 5

A Demon Bound. Debra Dunbar. The first in the very popular Imp series. Samantha Martin is a slum lord. Well, an Imp as well. So, the whole ‘slum lord’ thing really sort of works, right? I was surprised at how much I liked Samantha. Quirky, mischievous, and generally likable, even if she is a minor demon. Besides, anyone who loves hellhounds and horses can’t be all bad, right? 4 of 5

Influential Magic. Deanna Chase. IM is the first in a series subtitled Crescent City Fae. This new series stars Willow Rhoswen, owner of The Fated Cupcake and part-time vampire hunter for the Void. Oh, and she is also a faery – complete with wings and flight capabilities. Well, when she isn’t around vampires, whose walking death drains her earth magic, and thus her life force. A very uncomfortable position to be in when your evil faery auntie, who is also the Director of the Void policing agency partners you with a vampire in order to investigate dastardly deeds by the local vampire corporation. Especially when that vampire happens to be your ‘used-to-be-human’ boyfriend. A boyfriend, who suddenly dumped you with a quick text message (jerk!), then turns up later turned – literally. I read and reviewed previously, and own the whole series. Any series that includes a Shi Tzu who turns into a wolf is worth a read! 4 of 5

Forbidden. Selene Charles. In my absolutely firm intention to not read books I don’t want to (Book Reader FlameOut is a depressing!) I didn’t read this one. If you like YA, give it a try. No rating.

All for a Rose. Jennifer Blackstream. Another I didn’t read. Violent naga, rich girl turned poor. It simply didn’t spark my interest, though that is no reflection on the book. It just didn’t strike my fancy. No rating.