Of the anthologies I am reading now, this one has been my favorite. Lots of “new-to-me” authors I intend to follow through on!

The Agency – Donna Augustine: Normandy, France, 1350s. The Black Plague is in full swing, Death reigns. And Fate has a job to do. Make sure Some Girl doesn’t die of the plague. She won’t. But it isn’t anything Fate does. This is one special girl, and she doesn’t need anyone to hold her hand. Nor does her next incarnation. Or the next. But this one? No matter what Fate thinks, some things will simply not be stopped. I will be going back to read a Donna Augustine short I found in another anthology I haven’t read as yet, The Keepers: Alchemy Series Book One I found in Wicked Magic (7 Wicked Tales . . . ) 5 of 5

De Facto – Annie Bellet: Verity Li is bored with her life as a bureaucratic cog in the magical world. Just going through the motions, catch em’ and bag em’. Then it’s SEP: Somebody Else’s Problem. Until she interrupts a kidnapping next door. Now, she must rely on a former arrestee to help her find a little boy. A new author to me, Ms. Bellet writes the Twenty-Sided Sorceress series. 5 of 5

Venom – Sarra Cannon: Rend has crossed the Shadow Barrier for a very important reason. A reason that he is willing to give his life for. But now, Rend is on the run from a coven of witches determined to capture and enslave him. Stopping them not only saves his life – but could save the life of thousands of others. Can he save himself in order to save others? 4 of 5

Honeysuckle Memory – Selene Charles: Scarlett Smith’s on a mission to track down the man who sentenced her to an eternity of purgatory, but first she needs to pass the mental health assessment board of the paranormal investigative department. And unless Dr. Elijah Monroe accepts that Scarlett is no longer a mass murderer, she can’t join the Silver Creek PD’s paranormal investigative unit. Well, it is hard to not be a mass murderer when you are turned into a vampire and then abandoned by your sire. But finding said vampire who turned her is now the whole point of Scarlett’s undead life. 4 of 5

Spirits of Bourbon Street – Deanna Chase: It’s Halloween and time to party in New Orleans. But the past won’t go away for Jade Calhoun and her friends. And in order to save them all, the past and present must come together and old debts must be paid. I am a big Deanna Chase fan, and this is as good as the rest of her Bourbon Street series. 4 of 5

The Ghost & Mrs. MacKay – Kate Danley: It’s Kate Danley, so it has to be good! In this Halloween tale, Maggie is once again guilted into attending her mother’s “All Ghosts, All the Time” party. But a poltergeist seems determined to destroy the party, and all of Main Street. But finding out what has the poltergeist’s plasma in a twist may be much more important than anyone could have thought. 5 of 5

Full Moon Mischief – Debra Dunbar: All Sam wanted to do is enjoy her most recent prank. Watching the chaos when the politicians piss Phenazopyridine red. But noooo. Instead, she gets summoned. Summoned, by the way, by an eight year old boy and his maybe six year old sister. Admittedly, I am not an Imp fan, per se. But I got a kick out of this one. Maybe I will try more of her work in the future. 4 of 5

Dog Days of Summer – Hailey Edwards: I read another Thierry story, Dog With A Bone, in Wicked Magic. This is YA, but not to the extreme “OMG” mentality. Thierry is older than her age, strong and determined. A paranormal marshal, she had handled some hard cases. But chasing a stinky cockatrice on foot is apparently the job for the day. But when her partner Shaw comes rolling up with their second job in the same neighborhood, well, things get complicated. Oh, and funny as well. This is part of the Black Dog series. 4 of 5

Atomic – C. Gockel: Sigyn is prophesied to be the consort of a king. Instead she marries a fool. Centuries after his chaos destroys their marriage, the fallout begins. Didn’t read this one, right now I am not into the whole swords and knights thing, so I can’t say if it was good or not.

Victoria Gardella: Vampire Slayer – Colleen Gleason Blurb: Balls, beaux, dance cards….and stakes? Lady Victoria Gardella must juggle her responsibility as a debutante in 19th century London Society while fulfilling her family legacy as a vampire hunter. I am not a historical person, so this one I didn’t read. Personal tastes.

Highland Magic – Helen Harper: The Veil has kept the Highlands of Scotland free from demons for centuries, and ensured relative peace for the Sidhe Clans. However, a strange encounter on a dark, heather-strewn hillside might mean all that is about to change. Haven’t read this one yet, but Helen writes Bo Blackman, so it must be good, I just accidentally skipped over it in the anthology. I will pull it up later and give it a read. If it is as good as the last Harper story I read, I will enjoy it.

Contents May Have Shifted – Shawntelle Madison: I enjoyed this one. I hadn’t heard of Shawntelle before, but I will want to read more of her works based on this little story. Natalya Stravinsky, werewolf shopkeeper in a mystical flea market, gets more than she expected in an antique trunk. A trunk containing deadly merchandise with a mind of its own and an axe to grind. And apparently Natalya is the axe it wishes to grind. 4.5 of 5

Illusions – Christine Pope: Connor Wilcox has a problem. His brother, Warlock Damon Wilcox, is plotting to kidnap the most powerful witch in a rival clan. Angela McAllister is just twenty-one, an innocent. And Damon is anything but. Now, Connor needs to develop plans of his own to save the beautiful girl he dreams of. 4 of 5

Dying Night – SM Reine: Set in the world of Sara’s Preternatural Affairs, this story focuses on Elise and James. Kopis and Aspis, they are at a hard spot in their partnership after an “incident” in Copenhagen. Now, Hell’s trying to squeeze its way onto Earth via the Grand Canyon, and everything that is wrong with their partnership is coming to a brutal head. As with all of Sara’s works, I loved this story. 5 of 5

Brea’s Tale: Arrival – Anthea Sharp: She was once human. But that was long, long ago. Now returned to the mortal world by the Dark Queen on a mission, she must learn to

survive in a world completely different not only from the fae lands, but from the world she knew so very long ago. Survival means becoming more mortal. But mortal means her fae powers suffer. This story falls between Sparks and Royal in the Feyland series. Being a “middle” story, I really couldn’t lock into the tale, it was simply too confusing. 3 of 5

Angels and Demon – Colleen Vanderlinden: Another new author for me, I really liked this story – though I really couldn’t make myself like the hero as much as many probably do. A mysterious woman known only as “Angel” haunts the streets of Detroit, dishing up her own version of vigilante justice. She Rocks the whole vigilante thing, and the people she takes down more than deserve it. But Nain is convinced she could end up being the city’s biggest nightmare, and should be put down. Well, when you are a reformed demon I suppose you really are a “glass half empty” sort of fellow. I am going to want to read more of the Angel’s story. Just have to figure out which series Angel and Nain are featured in – 😉 4 of 5

Dragon’s Fury – Phaedra Weldon: Crwys Holliard has a long, and bitter, history. And now, that past is catching up with him. Now, the tragedy and horrors of his past is revealed when his lover becomes a target in a serial killer’s vendetta against women who have crossed Crwys’s path. Unfortunately, this also makes Crwys the prime suspect in their deaths. This was an interesting story, one with depth and a painful, and yet hopeful, storyline. 4 of 5