Love me some Walt….

Mary and Her Books

24611517Wait For Signs is a collection of twelve previously published Longmire short stories.  Each Christmas, Johnson posts a story as a gift for his readers and they’ve been compiled here.

Overall, they are good but if you are looking for major, juicy details about the characters you won’t find it here.  They are all pretty short, sweet, cute stories.  My favorite of the bunch is probably either Divorce Horse (about a stolen horse that was the source of marital discontent) or Messenger (an owl is stuck in a port-a-potty and it’s up to Walt, Henry and Vic to save what could be a messenger for an important little one.)

Honestly, my favorite section of the book was probably the Introduction written by Lou Diamond Phillips (who plays Henry in the TV series).  Is there anything this man can’t do?  If he hasn’t written his own novels, well, he should.  This kind…

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