Spirelli Paranormal Investigations: Episode 3 (Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, #3)Kate Baray continues her Episodic, and it keeps getting better! An offshoot of her Lost Library series, Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, Episode 3, continues the story of Jack Spirelli, Paranormal investigator and Marin, his dragon sidekick. The story in Episode 1 was the first Jack and Marin worked together – and a ghost is determined to ascertain that it is their last. It was lovely fun. In Episode 2, Jack and Marin’s next case take them back to Louisiana, where a single case of “something odd is going on . . .” becomes much more, and much more dangerous, than they ever expected.

Now, in Episode 3, Jack and Marin bite off an even bigger chunk of “paranormal pain-in-the-ass” as they take on protecting Sylvia, a coven witch determined to escape the coven’s control. But Jack has a truly bad history with the coven – and that history may get the three of them dead just as much as the coven’s determination to make sure Sylvia doesn’t escape their grasp.

I’m not a lover of episode storylines, but Kate does it right. These are complete novelettes, with beginning, middle, and end – something that most don’t offer, and Kate blows out of the water. If you haven’t read the Lost Library series, I highly recommend it.

Thanks Kate, for once again offering me the opportunity to read and review your stories! I love, love your work!