Adopt Me - Foothills Animal ShelterI have missed my boxers so much – Lily, my white, and HiJinx, my brindle. I couldn’t resist going to see this little girl at the shelter today… and of course, walking away was impossible. Especially since she is thin as a rail. She was found wandering, starving, and no one claimed her. She is so thin that she apparently doesn’t understanding eating yet. I have chicken and rice I am tempting her with, but she had her hysterectomy and all of her shots, so I would probably feel pretty bad as well. If she isn’t eating by Monday morning I will take her to Dr. Valori and see if they can’t intubate her and get her started on food enough that she can eat by herself.ย  She is a total sweetie! She just wants to cuddle. Of course, being starved and out in the wild and the snow for however long she was, it isn’t surprising she wants to feel safe again.skinny baby

How can you just throw ANY dog away like that?!?!?! It is freezing, with SNOW on the ground. One can only hope that Karma is a Bitch. The starvation is a week past, the shelter has been feeding her for that time period, but as you can see, it hasn’t exactly fattened her up. You can’t see it, but her backbone is sticking up in a ridge.tmp_25351-20151206_0250503110588

But, she has the Queen of Spoil-em-Rotten now, so I would imagine she will be filling out fairly soon – one hopes. Right now she is sleeping, and she has been drinking water, so at least that is good. I will keep you up to date! (This new photo shows just how thin she is.)

So, any ideas on a really good name for her?