I have given up on the American public. So easily led around by the nose by those with vicious, cruel agendas. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Terrorizing the poor, women and children in the name of cruelty and a twisted sense of hateful religion… i hate even admitting to living here. We talk about how terribly Middle Eastern civilizations treatvtheir people… but i seriously question just how much like them we are becoming.


Last Thursday, the US Senate took three votes that tell you a great deal about where people stand on issues. One of these votes combined two issues into one that the majority of Americans do not want and will be vetoed. The other two address a major concern that would helpful and are long overdue, but they did not pass.

The first one that passed is a bill that combines defunding significant parts of the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood. The former when mentioned by its nickname, Obamacare, drums up political ire from our Republican friends. They fail to tell their constituents it is working pretty well, but could use some targeted improvements. They also hide from the fact Obamacare is based largely off a Republican idea that was advocated by Tea Party leadership until Obamacare was passed and Mitt Romney ran for office.

Adding to the seemingly recurring…

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