Love Christina… sometimes her commentary is absolutely, positively spot-on!

Christina Anne Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne Photo: CA Hawthorne

When you’re writing that great novel sometimes small details slip through the cracks and a correction or two becomes necessary. For instance, you might find yourself writing the closing chapter and realize the protagonist doesn’t work. Yeah, okay, so you should have planned better. You wrote by the seat of your pants and then discovered you weren’t wearing pants at all. Or maybe you were plotting and realized you were plotting against yourself. Either way, you wrote yourself into the deepest, darkest corner in the deepest, darkest haunted house.

In other words, the novel will soon be lining the bottom of a bird cage (maybe a digital bird cage).

On the other hand, there’s my advice.

Don’t scrap all that great work. Don’t slave over a massive rewrite. Ever hear of having a twist at the end? A big mistake equals a big twist. That’s right, you…

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