I had the most Incredible Saturday!!!! Author Michael Angel and his publisher, Dottie from Banty Hen Publishing, were in Colorado Springs for a writer’s seminar and were kind enough to invite me down to have dinner with them. I first attended the Olde Town Arvada Chocolate Festival, with its open house atmosphere and, of course, the paws n' playChocolate Tastings!! Wandering in-and-out of different businesses and noshing on chocolates? Yummm!!! Then, of course, there was the puppy adoption going on at Paws n’ Play this cool little pet shop on Grandview sponsored by bouncerescue.org. Look at this beautiful little baby!!!

bounceHalf Boxer, half American Bulldog. I really wanted to bring him home with me… and planned to call about adopting him when I returned from Colorado Springs… then, of course, I had not one, but TWO flat tires on the way home from skiing (TWO! Only me, right? Darn I-25 construction!!! Ran right over something that had been dropped into the road and flattened both tires on the passenger side before I knew what was going on, as did the person in the car behind me. Sigh)

Michael Angels smiling faceAnyway! Back to FUN stuff!! Michael and Dottie are the most wonderful people. Fun, funny, warm and, dare I say, Cuddly! I have always loved working with Michael, he has a wonderful, gentle personality and is always open to what I have to offer on the editorial and website fronts. And he gave me this! My own, signed edition of Grand Theft Griffin! Of course, the fact that I ADORE the “Fantasy and Forensics” series had me over the moon…griffin

Dottie and I had SO much in common as well. She grew up around horses, just as I did, but her stories are even more interesting than mine. Her stories were fascinating, growing up with parents who worked the carnival and were stunt people in Hollywood in the 40’s. So cool! I want her to write a book about that, and her life with them – I would definitely read that! Dottie also writes westerns as Sugar Lee Ryder:

By Sugar Lee Ryder:

dakotablue_eBook Cover_1.0 Matthew Slade Book 1 - eBook Cover_FINAL_2.1 Matthew Slade Book 2 - eBook Cover_FINAL_3 Matthew Slade Book 3 - eBook Cover_FINAL_2

By Sugar Lee Ryder and J.D. Cutler:


Not really my genre, but hearing her talk about her books was so interesting I may actually have to read them. Being Native American, I am not really all that much of a “Cowboy on the range” lover!

Overall, we had an incredibly fun time!!! Three hours over a wonderful dinner, with the very best of company, wonderful food and wine, in a lovely atmosphere in a bar restaurant across the street from the Antler Hotel where they were attending the seminar. I had to tear myself away. I would move to Austin just to live near those two and get to visit with them! I gave Michael a long-sleeved T-shirt with my new logo as a fun gift, but the real gift of the day was being able to spend time with such brilliant people.

Speaking of my new logo! SIRTBT Logo

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