Magic Stars (Kate Daniels, #8.5, Grey Wolf, #1)OK, I am definitely behind the curve when it comes to my favorite authors!

The Incredible team known as Ilona Andrews published a novella, Magic Stars, the first in the Grey Wolf series on December 8. I would normally jump on that bad boy before it was ever published, but I have been absent and unaccounted for lately. But I AM working on it!

Magic Stars focuses on two of my favorite characters from the Kate Daniels series, Derek and Julie. Since the end of the Kate and Curran series things have changed for Derek. He is now a lone wolf, having signed his separation contract from the Pack a half-hour after Curran. Now, he is, basically, a Gun for Hire, working with Kate and Curran, and with others. He is the Grey Wolf of the city, the one who came and found you if you f**ked up and hurt the wrong people.

And someone really f**ked up when they slaughtered Melissa and Randall Ives and their two small children in their own home.

For a rock.

Vengeance is mine sayeth Derek Gaunt, the Gray Wolf. And vengeance he will most certainly have. Not only against the five murderers, but against the new Pack members the new Beast Lord let into the Pack. Oh, boy. Are they ever in trouble!

Annnd then . . . Julie shows up. Julie, ward of Kate and Curran, and now Herald of the City. With her gypsy horse, tiny jeans shorts and double tomahawks, well, things are about to get interesting.

“That’s the Beast Lord’s Wolf.” the wolf raised his hands palms out. “And that’s the Beast Lord’s daughter. I’m out.”

Ha! Run, run, run, as fast as you can!

Julie is sixteen now, training hard, and still as gutsy as ever. You will learn things about both Julie and Derek in this first in the Grey Wolf series – Doing dance and giggling like a loon!!!!! I am so incredibly JAZZED!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this newest of the Ilona and Gordon’s work.

And I just preordered “Alphas: Origins” for delivery on April 19.SCORE!!