Celia Kyle is, without a doubt, one of my “go-to” authors for Bathtub Books (those books you crawl into a hot tub with, complete with candles, wine and chocolates no the side). Her Ridgeville Series is, so far, my favorite by far. Maya is a hoot!  The Grayslake series is another favorite bathtub/bedtime read. There are others, from Hot Shifter romances to Hot Aliens… whatever your tastes!

Now, there is “The Buchanan Clan”. Three sisters, daughters of the premiere Alpha Lion in the world, it’s time for the Buchanan girls to find their mates. There is excitement. There is a bloody fight. There is the obligatory HEA, much in the manner of Celia’s “Quick &Furry” series.

26047931The first, Impawsible, is Bethany’s story. You see, Bethany has a problem. She is a rare white rabbit shifter amongst lions. NOT a comfortable place to be! When she was little, all the boys wanted to chase her, first to see if they could literally scare her to death, and then to see if they could have her for an appetizer. Literally. Well, the second would be accomplished if the first succeeded, so what’s the dif’? But when they boys decide that there is a third option as she gets older, well, Deal’s Gap, North Carolina, “The Neutral Zone” where the oddballs and hybrids of the shifter world reside, becomes the perfect place to hide.


The past comes back to haunt her, and well, read it and find out!28929344

In the second of the series, just published, we return to Deal’s Gap and the Buchanan girls with “Press Paws”, Hanna and Ryland’s story.

Hannah has always been the “good girl”, no matter her snarky ways and toenail polish obsession (which she spills onto her sister’s newly refinished deck in the first hour of her arrival in Deal’s Gap. Thank goodness Bethany and Carter are on their honeymoon!) Intent on finding a handyman to fix her “oops”, she comes across Ryland – and all bets are off when it comes to the arranged marriage her father and the head of the Lachlan clan set up.

Again, the past comes to haunt Hannah and Ryland, complete with claws, fangs, and a nasty attitude.

Celia is always good for a few things, no matter what she is writing. There is love, of course. But also a bit of action, some giggles and downright belly laughs, and a great deal of heart. If you haven’t found her yet, I recommend her for a cozy, relaxing read!

I received both of these books from the author in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. Thank you for reading my review!