James Allworth

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WordPress doesn’t allow embedded code, so I can’t post the whole article here, but everyone – American or not – should read his article posted to Click the link to read the whole article. I had no idea that “Those In Power” have decided that the way to stop gun violence in the US, such as the mass shooting in San Bernardino and, pertinent to me as a Colorado resident, the Columbine shooting, is to force cell companies, like Apple, into opening a back door into your phone so they can spy on you. What the fucking fuckity fuck?!?!?

Wow. I know we have a bit of a terrorist problem (nothing, compared to other countries such as Britain, France, and, oh, yeah, The Middle East ((and maybe, just maybe, if we weren’t so bent on controlling the whole world, we wouldn’t PISS PEOPLE OFF so badly)) but….. I got news for you, Old Men With Suits, Cigars, And More Money Than You Know What To Do With At The Expense Of Those You Are Supposed To Be Working For  . . . you are so focused on “Terrorism” (and retaining the payoffs from the NRA) that you fail to acknowledge that, 1) “Lone Gunman” is the more realistic shooter profile, i.e.  “Run off and shoot lots and lots of people because I am a psychotic FREAK, and 2) and listen closely here, You Can’t Shoot Someone With A Cell Phone. Got that, you Pompous, Overfed Windbags? Oh, and should you really get that backdoor – are you really and truly that stupid, that you think that the shooters will use their cell phone to spew out all their secrets and plans, a monologue from a Cartoon Villain?!?!

(OK, yes, I am ranting.)

Are we REALLY this STUPID?!?! Well, seeing as how the world’s largest Pompous, Blowhard Windbag that ever crushed a company and put thousands out of work (come on, the guy Bankrupted a CASINO!!! Don’t they say the house always WINS?!?!?!) is still topping the US Political Scene, I guess that, as a whole, we really are that stupid as a Nation. Just where are all the Intelligent People who should be out there fighting against every bad thing that is happening in this country to turn us all into Robot Slaves to the upper class? Sigh.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”
George Orwell, 1984