We hear every day about bad things that happen when cops are involved. But as with every other human being on the planet, there are good ones and bad ones, and though the good outweigh the bad, well, blood and violence sells, so we don’t always hear all the good in the screaming about how bad the bad are. So, when I came across the article when I was reading the QN Blog, which is part of Quilters Newsletter, I couldn’t help passing this along. Enjoy a smile this morning (or afternoon, as the case may be!) Besides, I raved pretty hard yesterday, time to make up for it with a laugh!

Scrap Bag: Quilting cops, Masopust’s influence, Flint water crisis quilt, and more

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Do you remember a video that went viral a few weeks ago of a cop who decided to shoot hoops in the street with a group of local boys instead of bust them on a public disturbance call? Well, we quilters now have our own version! Two Burlington City (New Jersey) police officers responded to a call from local quilt shop about a medical emergency. After the person was determined to be fine, the cops hung around and started sewing. One of them showed off some really good free-motion quilting skills, saying he was a professional quilter before he became a cop. (His partner was not as experienced but gave it a try, so good on him.) Click the link to watch the video.

www.nj.comCity of Burlington Police Department - Burlington, New Jersey ...