Pacific Rim PosterI admit it.. I am addicted to Pacific Rim running in the background when I am working. All graphics and testosterone, PR sits solidly in the field of Godzilla meets Battleship with a strong vein of what is happening in the world today. The population of Earth fights off ‘Aliens’ with battle armor and a giant “Wall being built to keep out Aliens” (sound familiar?). It doesn’t work any better than the one planned by “The Hairdo” of course. (Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau reminds me of ‘The Hairdo’)Still of Ron Perlman in Pacific Rim (2013)Still of Rinko Kikuchi in Pacific Rim (2013)

And Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori is a kickass little heroine – not too strong, not too weak, really just right.

Written and produced by Guillermo del Toro, this is very much a Hellboy style entry to his category rather than Pan’s Labyrinth – something that has the “magical realism” crowd totally up in arms. So, keep this in mind if you watch it.

The Strain (The Strain Trilogy, #1)My first introduction to Mr. del Toro was The Strain series, and from there I branched out to his other written works, and his movies as well. I own both Hellboy and Hellboy2. I would love to read Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, but it isn’t at my library and I can’t afford the $26.99 for the Kindle edition, or over $40 for the paper version, thanks to Harper Collins being shitheads about pricing their books, so I will just have to wait until I can find a library edition! It is by Guillermo and Marc Zicree (another favorite of mine) so I will keep my eye out.

If you want good graphics, an interesting sci-fi story line, and a dose of de Toro, well, enjoy!