OK, this guy needs a serious editor, but his workmanship in laying out the facts and history on the loss of the American Middle Class is well “The Hairdo” is making such strong inroads into the American Political Mind makes more sense – thought I still stand by the idea that tH is more dangerous than a hydrogen bomb in the hands of a hyperactive three-year-old.

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The Death of the American Dream? The Death of the American Dream?

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Robert Sheppard, Editor-in-Chief, World Literature Forum Robert Sheppard, Editor-in-Chief, World Literature Forum

By Robert Sheppard

Editor-in-Chief, World Literature Forum

Author, Spiritus Mundi, Novel


A Dream On Fire

Today, the wake of “SuperTuesday” reminds us again in these United States that we are in the midst of an undeniably unique and extraordinary election year. On both the Republican and Democratic side the “Establishment” politicians seem to be facing a Tsunami tidal wave uprising variously characterized as “outsiders,” “Tea-Party Insurgents,” “Progressives” or “Populists” as represented by the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the Republican right wing and Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist” on the Democratic left-wing. At the same time, whatever the underlying “movement” propelling each of the candidates, much of their message and embodied energy seems lost and obfuscated most recently in scandal, new…

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