Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo. – H. G. Wells

 My name is Recker. I need to speak with you.”
Throwing a longing look at her cordless phone lying useless on her coffee table next to her book, Harlow feigned a cheery tone as her eyes shot to her bedroom door. She had a shotgun beside her bed, but wondered if she were being over-cautious. “Don’t know any Recker. I’m afraid you have the wrong apartment.”

“I have the right apartment. Open the door.”
Open the door? His command had her silently cursing the lack of peephole as she slowly backed away from the door, glancing longingly at her bedroom. Okay, that definitely warranted a shotgun response. She hustled toward her bedroom door, snagging her cordless phone on her way with suddenly trembling fingers. She cursed when it slipped from her fumbling hands, bouncing nearly silently on the carpeted floor. “Shit!” she whispered, then offered more loudly, “I don’t know you!” Annoyed at herself now, she added some heat to her tone as she dropped to her knees, snatching up her phone. “Go away!” – Susan A. Bliler, “Skin Walkers: Remy

29286944Harlow Armstrong’s life has been, well, shitty since the day she was born. Left at the door of a fire station, she bounced from foster home to foster home. “Once even the worst home refused to accept her, she was placed in a group home, where she remained until she aged out.” Hey, give a girl a break. Being unwanted has a tendency to tweak the attitude, all right? Now twenty-seven, Harlow lives in a crappy apartment, in a crappy building, and works a crappy job. Well, it pays the bills. And when you are dumped on the street at eighteen with no real education and the clothes on your back, you make do. And she does. Really. Well, sorta, but she pays her bills, so there is that.

Then, there is the knock at her door. And all blue-blooded Hell breaks loose.

Fast forward six months and Harlow’s life is weirder, and yes, more wonderful, than she could have ever dreamed possible. For Harlow has a brother. A brother who has been searching for her for years, and is over-the-moon at finally finding her. A brother who, oh, by the way . . . can change into different animals at a thought!

Determined to be useful to these incredible people who have turned her life into a fairy tale, Harlow tries lots of things, from gardening (Meh.) to secretarial (Ugh.) But when she sees the Sentries, the elite guards of the Walkers at StoneCrow Estates, she knows she has found her match. Growing up she had to use feet and fists to survive. And she is determined to pay her way by being one of that exclusive group.

Of course, Brother Mason EnemyHunter (Wow, who would have ever thought that her real name was EnemyHunter?) is horrified. Especially when he realizes that his enemy, Remy McCade, is head of training for the new Sentries. For you see, Remy and Mason have a history. A history neither wants Harlow to know.

Susan truly steps up her game with “Remy.” The Skin Walkers series started out with “King,” a paranormal romance with a Native American twist. As a Native herself, Susan was creating a world that could be our own, with Skin Walkers living in the shadows, simply trying to make a life for themselves and their families without interference from the public or government. Or from shadowy creatures called the Megalya, monsters who hunt them for their souls.

As the series develops Susan has grown her cast, developed her world, and now the horrors in the shadows are coming, fully-formed and deadly. The Walkers and their families, their way of life, and their lives themselves are in mortal danger, and death hangs over all.

Harlow is in mortal danger as well – and no matter how hard he has tried to stay away from her and her brother, Remy may very well be the only thing left standing between Harlow and a horrific end.

Yes, I am Susan’s editor. But don’t jump to conclusions. This series is wonderful, with truly strong women characters who don’t allow themselves to be pushed around by the men in their lives. The world building is strong, characters interesting, and the story development throughout is building to the point where the paranormal romance is taking a bit of a backseat to suspense and strong characterizations. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend the series. And check out her “Territory” series as well. Susan pays homage to her bloodline and its stories in a subtle and yet powerful way that keeps me riveted to her every word!