Lowlander Silverback (Gray Back Bears Book 5)The Gray Backs are back – well, sorta. While the first four in the series introduced us to the Bears of the Gray Back crew, this one is a whole different bit of monkeyshines…. as in, the story of Kong.

Kong. Silverback Gorilla Shifter and next Breeding Alpha of his clan of silverbacks. But Kong doesn’t want a harem. He lived with silverback society all his life, watching as the children, like him, were ignored and unloved. Kong wants something different. He wants a single mate, a chance to raise his children with love and respect. But when you have bodyguards who are instructed to make sure you stay away from temptation, well, getting his hands on the woman he wants is difficult, to say the least.

The Gray Back stories have been rather uneven, and this one moves from the five-stars of Easton’s story to a solid three, like Creed’s story. The story was uneven, the characters not as well-developed, and the interactions between the heroes felt forced and ‘instantaneous’ to a level that didn’t feel realistic within the world Joyce has designed. It’s a shame, as both characters had potential.

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