29774075Mother’s Day is the 8th, and sixteen Paranormal Romance/Suspense authors got together to write Shifters in the Spring, bringing together stories of babies, frisky shifters, and fertile surprises. Another eight got together to write What to Expect When You’re Expecting A Shifter. Things like, 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Wolf Shifter from Biting People and Other Valuables (Prepare for extreme teething!), Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts for New Dragon Moms (Doing your research now will save you a world of headaches down the road, not to mention renovation costs and many arguments with insurance adjusters. And, A good sprinkler system is a must.), and of course, The Survival Guide for Wolf Shifter Fathers-To-Be: How to Treat Your Mate We She’s Expecting (Snacks are vital to your existence! And remember fathers, (the cubs) practice hunting while in there, which involves lunging and snapping. Pregnant female shifters report it feels like Jaws is attacking them from the inside.)

I laughed through What to Expect until tears ran. If you didn’t grab a copy when it first came out – Sorry! All gone. But if you grabbed a copy and haven’t read it yet, do so! It is Hysterical! The stories in Shifters in the Spring are drawn from various Paranormal series, some, such as Jacqueline Sweet’s Bearfield series (don’t mess with pregnant Mina, she will Kick. Your. Ass.), J.K. Harper’s Black Mesa Wolves series, and the Swipe Left series by Ariana Hawkes I have read works by. Others, such as Elianne Adams and Cynthia Fox I hadn’t read before. Not all of them were to my taste, but most were good reads I very much enjoyed.

Never having had kids, I couldn’t really identify with the trials and tribulations, especially when it comes to being a single mother of a shifter kid (No Eating The Neighbor Kid!) but I have to say, I totally enjoyed these kick-ass women as they dealt with kids and mates, kids and potential mates, and years of being single moms without any help in raising dragons, wolves and bears (Oh My!).

On another note, I watched a CBS News Sunday Morning which showed two “big brave men” (Ha!) undergoing a labor pain simulator. It. Is. HYSTERICAL! Here is a clip from YouTube and dailymail.co.uk.

That was funny enough. But then? I found The Try Guys trying childbirth . . . and laughed so hard the dogs started barking at me! (Ha! Sissies!)

Get the books. Read them. Then don’t forget to thank your mother for everything she went through to push you out into the world. After seeing this, don’t you think she deserves a cruise?