Paranormal Protection Agency: Volume 2 - Mina CarterNote: Volume two gets its own review. It is a lot different than volume one!

OK, remember my review of Milly Taiden’s Federal Paranormal Unit series? I talked about how her books usually had good storylines to go along with the “bow chicka bow bow” and how much I enjoyed having a good story to read along with my dose of “down and dirty.”

Well, as much as I like stories about shifters working together for law and order and justice for all, and as much as I wanted this series to have a good story to go with aforementioned down and dirty . . . this didn’t do it for me. Of course, others think all the bedroom (and floor, and kitchen counter, and couch, etc.) calisthenics is just fine without a good story, and more power to them. But for me, without a good story it is simply a rather big disappointment.

All the stories in this two volume set are more along the lines of ‘erotica’ than ‘paranormal romance’ and none have a real story line at all. The business itself (the PPA) is simply a set piece, a flat painted background that never really does anything.

The only story I really could get a bite of was “Seduced by Santa a story I had read before. Candice Kane adores Christmas, and has moved away from her rich, self-centered family to work and live in the poorest part of town to help disadvantaged children. When her community center is trashed she is afraid her Christmas for the children is destroyed. And when she is attacked in an alleyway she is sure her life is over with as well. Enter an unrelenting Christmas-hating Santa Elf, and things get interesting. Can they work together to save Christmas for the children?

Overall, if you are a fan of erotica without all the whips and chains, check this out, but don’t expect much story with the stories.