This idiot should be ashamed of himself. I have known people who have died from the shame they felt from bullies. I myself suffered from Major Depressive Disorder from the time I was quite small, and my own mother’s bullying caused my attempted suicide twice before I ran away at 16 to escape her cruelty. Yes, I was heavy. I also had a brain disorder that caused the extra weight. There wasn’t anything I could do for it. I didn’t find out about it till I was 30, and saw a doctor for my depression.

Subsequent years brought meds that balance my depression and panic attacks, and another med to stop the chemical that was fooling my body into thinking I was starving to death. I was tremendously fit for many years from a regime of meds and four hours a day, everyy day, in the gym and running. But I still remember my childhood and mourn the person I might have been had I not been bullied so viciously. The idea that this bully can deride the very people who pay his bills disgusts me more than I can say. Hey, these days I am heavy again – a combination of age, aggressive chemotherapy that messed my body up completely, and just plain deciding that I just need to be healthy, not skinny or over-muscled. Yes, I have a wide ass. So what? If I feel good, and my doctor likes my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, anyone who doesn’t like what I look like can piss in one hand and bitch in the other and see which fills up first.

I hope all authors out there will remember what this person has said and refuse to hire him. Better yet, make new covers for their books and make sure he doesn’t get royalties. No one should be subjected to bullying – and this guy should be made to pay.