I KNEW there was a reason why “Paleo” diets were bad news!!! ROFL!

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Barb Taub

What do Miley Cyrus, cavemen, and high-tech startups have in common with YOU and ME? And how can that get you a free book, designer bracelet, and the best writing on the web?

Well, I’M short on time today, so here’s a look back two years at a blog post and ten thousand years at the Paleo diet.

And YOU’RE running out of time too! (See message at bottom).

The top five reasons why the Paleo Diet will lead to the end of the world:

Several celebrities have been touting the benefits of the Caveman Paleo diet. The idea is that if we eat the way people did 10,000 years ago, we will all be much healthier. As scientist Christina Warriner explained in her TED Talk, they couldn’t be more wrong. But she missed a few points, so I’d like to point out the top five reasons why the Paleo Diet…

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