It seems that the Americans aren’t the only ones losing their ever loving minds. I am so sorry for your loss, the loss of the family, and the lost to the world of a bright, rising star.

Confessions of a Creative Writing Teacher

Jo Cox ‘She believed in a better world, and she fought for it every day’

OK, this is supposed to be a creative writing blog, but yesterday we lost a particularly wonderful human being and I feel the need to just pay my respects.

This week began with the most horrific act of violence in Orlando, and has continued to lurch from the surreal to the horrific ever since, as the political debate over Europe becomes ever more violent and divisive. Whatever side you’re on, I think we can agree that this is getting scary now. We don’t seem very far from the fascists, communists and anarchists fighting on the streets in the 1930s, and history warns us where that led. And yesterday, after Tuesday’s positively bizarre flotilla on the Thames, with Sir Bob haranguing Nigel Farage in what a friend of mine described as ‘the worst Titanic remake ever,’ a lonely…

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