I am simply reblogging from friends right now – I am in a Computer Technical Services class for the next few days, and my time is really crammed! So, enjoy Kieth’s writing, and if you aren’t following him, you should be. He is thoughtful, contentious, and always has well thought out posts that truly make you think!


When a good friend does something that you suggested he or she not do as it is fraught with peril, you are concerned, but still care for them and pull for them. This is especially true when, as an outsider, you can see more clearly the troubles with a decision to do something. It gives you a sick feeling, but you will do your best to help them soldier on.

That is how many feel about our friends in the UK with Brexit, a vote to leave the European Union. I recognize the EU is imperfect like any government entity and needs improvements, but the global construct is more beneficial than it is not, due to more trade and freedom of movement. Working collaboratively, also helps lessen the risk of national turmoil which can cause unhealthy behaviors.

The global markets have shown an immediate displeasure with the change. Watching BBC…

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