He was really handsome, wasn’t he!
Poppa later in life with his best friend, Rochelle. The photo is blurry, it didn’t scan well in the frame, but the frame back is fragile and I didn’t want to try to remove the photo-and break something else!

My housemate, Linda, took care of her father, Charles “Chuck” (better known around the house as Poppa) for many years. He was in WWII, Korea, then Vietnam. Like many Vietnam Vets, he was sprayed with Agent Orange, and though

Poppa and his big sister. Weren’t they cute?!

the government and military tried to deny it for decades, that caused a severe spinal degeneration disorder which left him wheelchair bound for the last 30-odd years of his life. He was a darling, darling man. Kind, considerate, loving. I was there for the last several years of his life, and he was the loving father to me I had never known.


Now, for my odd request. As I said, Linda took care of him for years, including doing all of his cooking, something she still loves to do. Last night, the handle broke off of her old pressure cooker pot that she has cooked in for years. The lid is long gone in the dust of time, but she uses 20160730_140632[1] 20160730_140749[1] 20160730_140632[1]20160730_140654[1]the pot for everything from chili, to spaghetti sauce, to stew. Oh, and she is a whiz at popcorn in that old pot as well! 😉  It is very heavy, steel maybe?, and very old. Yes, it looks ratty as all get-out, but it is well loved. The bottom is so worn I can’t read the brand, but if you do recognize it, let me know please? I would really appreciate it. If I can narrow it down to a maker I will have better luck finding a replacement handle. Thanks for reading this post, and I would be eternally grateful if you can help me track this down!