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Alright All You Fiber People Out There-I Have A Puzzle For You!


So, I stopped by Goodwill to check on the possibility of a pressure cooker being there that might have a handle like I need for that pot (Nancy at Goodwill says they get in pressure cookers all the time, but they go fast!) and I came across a UKO . . . an UnKnown Object!

20160804_174356 20160804_174308

I saw this in my local Goodwill, and it is driving me nuts! I have to know what it is for….

I thought that possibly it was a yarn winder, but the sides holding the roller are solidly built, it doesn’t open up to let the roller slip out easily (though you can do it…)

It would be possible to use it as a yarn winder, but then there is the canvas “leader” fabric. You see it is connected to the bar at the front (?) of the device. Or maybe I should look at it from the other direction. . . yea, maybe that is it? If so, maybe a warp winder?

If the lead (or whatever it is) was attached so it could be wound around the drum it would make more sense, instead of being attached to that crosspiece. I considered buying it, just for the glass doorknob on the handle! There is one piece of the “drum missing, otherwise, it is in fairly good shape – whatever it is! You can see from the photos that the roller bars have seen use – the stain is worn off.

I have a sinking suspicion¬† that 1) I will find out what it is and go “Doh!” while slapping my head, or, 2) I will find out it has nothing to do with fiber art at all!

Anyway! Any ideas? Theories? Wild guesses? I am tempted to buy it, just to be able to sit and stare at it to try to figure out how it works! LOL…
Thanks, Leiah

So THAT Is How They Do It!

I have to laugh. I keep seeing these absolutely stunning yarn cakes.

No, not This kind of cake . . . yummylayers(though it IS breathtaking, isn’t it?)





And not This kind . . . (Though, you have to admit, that is darn cute!)


And then there is this one, which is even CUTER!




Nope. We are talking This kind . . .

sockyarnPretty, huh? So, I was wondering how it was done. Droppers pouring? Nah…. So, I was cruising around youtube, taking a break and giving myself a reason to remember that when my work is done, I can go down to my studio and play . . .¬† and look what I Found!!

Of course, I wanted to show you photos of a bunch of these multicoloured yarn cakes at a shop I found and fell in love with, but of course I can’t find it now…. Found it!


So, next time I indulge myself with a dye job, you know what I am going to be doing!

And then, I happened to see something else that made me do a happy dance . . . I have a metric ton of acrylic yarn that I don’t like . . . bad colours, no colours, etc. So, I was thinking about giving it away, but there is some that I really like the texture of, just not the colour. Ta Daaa!!! Check this!

So, now I have great reasons to get my work done, so I can have some fun in the morning. Woooo Hooooo!!! So, yippee, skippee, time to work!

Hummm… and I have some gnarly acrylic based fabrics too –¬† great test subjects for doggy beds! Well, someone else’s doggy beds, cause my guys sleep in my bed . . . well, I guess it is really their bed, cause I wind up curled up in a tiny ball with them all spread out like rugs, hogging all the room!

Oh, and I found the cake photos on!

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