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Eight New Zealand and Australia Romances – $0.99

index$0.99 for Eight New Zealand and Australian Romances

I love reading authors from around the world, and am looking forward to reading these long novellas.

100% pure escape.
Escape to the Land Down Under, where the sky is bluer, the living is slower, and the loving is sweeter. This summer, dive into eight heartwarming feel-good beach romances by bestselling Australian and New Zealand authors. And because size matters, they’re all novel or long novella length! We’ve got cheeky, sexy, funny, steamy, sweet—and all with heaps of heart. Enjoy with a tall pitcher of iced tea or a bottle of chilled white wine—we’ll never tell!

Eight standalone novels (NO cliffhangers!) spanning 1,500+ pages
Over 95% off retail for the individual books sold separately
Only available through July–get your copy today!

Eight perfect indulgences to get your summer sorted!
ROSALIND JAMES – Just for You (Escape to New Zealand)
TRACEY ALVAREZ – Melting Into You (Due South)
DIANA FRASER – The Playboy’s Redemption (The Mackenzies)
H.Y. HANNA – Playing to Win (Summer Beach Vets)
JOANNE HILL – Falling for Jack
KRIS PEARSON – The Boat Builder’s Bed (Wicked in Wellington)
ANNIE SEATON – Beach House (Bondi Beach Love)
SERENITY WOODS – A Secret Between Friends (Treats to Tempt You)


On Sale Now: Off The Beaten Track: My Crazy Year In Asia

For ONLY $0.99 at eBooksHabit.comI was flipping through my  newsletter and fond this – only $0.99 and Trit sounds like a hoot!

Off The Beaten Track: My Crazy Year In Asia

by Frank Kusy

Get This Book for ONLY $0.99

In 1989, Frank Kusy found himself the unwilling love pawn of a booted and bodiced Boadicea on a Harley low rider. Then he fell in love with someone else, and it got a lot worse. Trapped in a small bedsit in London, with strange foreign curses coming through the door, he jumped at the chance to write a travel book on South East Asia. There followed the craziest year of his life: he got married in a Balinese village, attacked by giant spiders in Australia, and bombed on the Cambodian border. Not to mention starting a new business in India, nearly killing the King of Thailand and receiving the death penalty in Malaysia.Oh, how Frank wished he’d never met that crazy Polish biker chick…

Review: The Black Swan Inheritance By Marigold Deidre Dicer

23635267Books often reveal the personality of their authors. How can they not? The author pulls the characters and worlds straight from their brains and their hearts. If the author is basically a nice person it shines through their work. If not, well, I can usually tell.

Marigold Deidre Dicer (Sarah to her friends) is a truly wonderful person. She is kind, considerate, dedicated, all the things you want in a friend. And I have been happy to get to know her over the past several months, first as a compatriot in the ‘blogosphere’ and later as her editor for The Black Swan Inheritance. Now, if I could just travel to Australia to give her a hug, how great would that be?

The Black Swan Inheritance is an urban fantasy, true. But it is more than that. It is a story that incorporates the fantasy world, but wraps it around a core of what it is like to be not only a young, popular-for-all-the-wrong-reasons girl, but different from all your peers – no matter if that ‘difference’ is based upon natural or supernatural reasons. Now, if she can just save herself from werewolves, vampires . . . and her own insecurities. What is a freshman college student to do?

This is a multilayered tale of deception and danger, hatred and love, and the lengths one will go to save family. Anita is flawed, without a doubt, but her very flaws encourage a deep compassion for her and what she is going through, the changes in her life and the danger to her family.

Character development, in this case, is one of the strongest aspects of the book. Anita herself is a multi-layered character of both strength and weakness, while the other characters are more ‘real’ than many others in the genre. Strengths are often overwhelmed by weaknesses, emotional and psychological damage abounds, and personal growth is a stop-and-start process that leads to a deep emotional connection with not only the ‘good’ characters but even with the ‘bad’. She makes terrible decisions, but all the decisions, good and bad, are real in the context of the story. Children must learn, grow and learn, and that growth is often painful, not only for the child herself, but for those around her. But that very pain strengthens. And Anita has the potential to be one of the strongest new urban fantasy characters in the genre.

I am the editor for The Black Swan Inheritance. My review, however, is based only upon my feelings, not upon my friendship with Sarah. (OK, so I pay really close attention to my client’s books, what do you expect? 😉 It is still a great book!) If you enjoy my reviews, please “Like” them on and/or Thanks you!

Review: Playing Santa By H.Y. Hanna

23531443Time for another Christmas book review – and this time, it has an Aussie twist!

Holly Scott hasn’t had it all that easy in life. Growing up in foster homes left her lonely, and her simple life in Missouri consists of a trail of part time jobs and a tiny shared apartment. When an older couple from Australia show up in the restaurant where she works, and the wife becomes ill, Holly helps them out, helping them find a hotel room and bringing needed items to make their stay easier.

Now, the couple, the Goldblums, have asked her to house sit for them in their home in Summer Beach, Australia. And what a nice way to spend Christmas, the beginning of the summer in Aussie land, than in a beautiful house on a cliff above the ocean?

On her first full day in Summer Beach Holly is woken by screaming laughter and wanders outside to find a kookaburra laughing in the tree outside the front door. Then, hearing a quieter sound, she finds a box of abandoned puppies at her feet.

What happens next is a lovely little Christmas romance, short and sweet, complete with the power to bring a bright smile to your face. No, this isn’t great literature, it isn’t meant to be. Instead, its power is in its ability to make you smile and uplift the heart. Grab it for a stocking stuffer for your favorite hopeless romantic (even if the hopeless romantic is you!)

Cat Cafés Offer Coffee With a Side of Kitties by Samantha Drake

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Cat Cafés Offer Coffee With a Side of Kitties
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If cat lovers could design their own heaven it would mostly likely have a least one cat café—a quiet retreat where warm beverages and sweet treats are in plentiful supply and a variety of affectionate cats roam about, graciously accepting your attention.The cat café concept is a reality in many parts of the world. At these kitty havens, patrons can relax with a beverage and a snack while watching and interacting with the cat café’s feline residents. The concept is very popular in Asia and is catching on in Europe as well. CNN reports that Japan has approximately 150 cat cafes, more than anywhere else in the world.

Paris, London, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Madrid, and Dubai also have their own cat cafes. Melbourne, Australia, is set to welcome its first cat café soon. And while the United States is lagging behind a bit, it could catch up to the cat café craze very soon.

Pop-Up Café

The first cat café in the United States was a limited venture that opened in New York in April. Sponsored by Purina One, the pop-up cat café was open for four days. It was intended to raise awareness about pet health and show people what healthy, happy cats look like, explains Niky Roberts, a spokesperson for Purina One.

The cat food company partnered with the North Shore Animal League America, a rescue group that provided 35 adoptable cats for visitors to meet and interact with at the café. The good news is that all 35 kitties have been adopted, either during or after the event, says Roberts. In addition to cappuccino and baked goods, the event featured speakers throughout the four days including a veterinarian, cat behaviorist and a pet shelter director.  “We had a great experience,” says Roberts.

Because the cat café was an event and not a long-term business, the biggest challenge for Purina One, notes Roberts, was working out the logistics of being the first in the U.S. to bring kitties and a café atmosphere together.

Long-term establishments for felines and those who love them may follow. In North America, the promise of cat cafes in cities including Boston and Toronto has generated a lot of press, but so far few are close to opening.

Vive Montreal

However, a Quebec cat lover is preparing to open Café Chat L’Heureux in Montreal as early as this summer. Clement Marty, the owner of Café Chat L’Heureux, says he became intrigued by the cat cafés he saw on his travels around the world. He decided to launch his own cat café in Montreal to educate the public on how to properly care for cats while providing a resource for cat lovers who can’t have a pet of their own. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is providing the start-up capital, says Marty.

The café will have eight to 12 cats in residence, an optimal number for the space that takes into account cats’ territorial needs, he explains. “The cats will come from different shelters in Montreal, with each one a sort of ambassador for the shelter,” says Marty.

Location, Location

In San Francisco, all software developer David Braginsky and entrepreneur Courtney Hatt need to do is find the right space for their cat café, to be called KitTea.

KitTea will be be a “cageless adoption center” where visitors can spend quality time with the resident cats and also have a cup of tea and something to eat, explains Braginsky. Local regulations require that the two functions be strictly separate, so the food prep area will be in a completely different space than the cats’ area, says Braginsky. Local cat shelters will provide adoptable cats with the right personalities for the environment.

“A cat café seems like a valuable thing to have in the city,” notes Braginsky. He expects a lot of interest in KitTea because San Francisco is home to lot of people who live in apartments that don’t allow pets or live with roommates who don’t want cats.

The real estate search has been difficult, Braginsky says, because he and Hatt want KitTea to be located in a neighborhood that caters to residents, not tourists. Rent and renovation costs are also important considerations. A crowdfunding campaign is powering the launch of KitTea, but private investors are also needed, he adds.

Britannia Rules

Braginsky says he was inspired by London’s very successful cat café Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, where kitties with names like Artemis and Carbonelle lounge around soaking up the attention. Lady Dinah’s is so popular that the establishment is booked solid through October 2014.

The British cat café set ground rules that eliminate many concerns surrounding a venture that combines cats and the public. First, Lady Dinah’s has a booking system that permits only a limited number of people in the space at one time. It also has a small cover charge. The establishment has banned children under the age of 8 to eliminate concerns about what very young children might do to the cats.

As for allergies, Lady Dinah’s states on its website that staff are able to provide only basic first-aid attention in the event of an allergic reaction.

The cat café phenomenon doesn’t appear to be slowing down, and it will be exciting to see where these fun feline locations open next.

Photo credit: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium via Facebook

Beginning Read of Monsters by Peter Cawdron

Click the picture for the Peter Cawdron website.

I have never red a book by Peter Cawdron before, however, the cover of his book, “Monsters” drew me in immediately. It came through on one of the many “bargain e-book e-mails” that I receive. I don’t remember which one. Maybe Bookgorilla or Book Shout?  Whatever the case, the cover was immediately eye-catching and encouraged me to click the link.

Once to Amazon I read the short blurb and thought “This sounds cool”. And for 99 cents, it could scratch my “dystopia without vampires” itch. I adore science based novels, especially if the author goes about it in the right way. I have read about 13% of it so far, and so far? Righteous!

Will let you know if the book keeps up with the expectations set in the first couple of chapters.







Monsters was dedicated to the National Year of Reading in Australia and is available as a paperback and an ebook

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