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A Note From Keri Arthur Regarding Spook Squad

Sorry I’ve upset you by not finishing the series…but the reason is not as simple as I didn’t feel like finishing it. I had planned a 4th book, but the Riley Jenson series came along and given it was my first major book contract (along the publisher’s decision to release the first 4 books in one year), I had to give priority to that series rather than the Spook Squad novel. And I’m afraid that several years away from the Spook Squad world meant I was no longer immersed in it. I’d rather leave a series unfinished than make a total and utter mess of it.

However, with Bantam re-releasing the series in paperback in the US, I did write a brief (5 page) epilogue that gave some closure on the relationship aspects. The rest of the plot (and the war) does remain unfinished.

Again, sorry to upset and disappoint you. I wish I could finish the series, too, believe me, but there’s just too many other books I have to write.

So, now we know why Spook Squad was never finished – the demands of Publishers! I am updating and reposting my reviews everywhere to take her note into account.

So, my apologies to Keri for losing my temper and being a snot!

Review: Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs

bonesIt has been a long time since I read a Kathy Reichs book. I used to wait breathlessly for each one to come out, but at some point, I backed off, and I don’t even remember why. The last I actually tried to read was 206 Bones and I don’t know why, but I stopped listening (it is an Audible edition) less than half way through the book and the marker is still sitting there, so I never picked it up again.

Apparently, a lot has happened since my last reading. Relationships have changed, and I missed what sounds like some serious action where Temperance was apparently kidnapped and nearly burned to death, and Ryan’s drug addicted daughter died, sending Ryan off the edge. This information is lightly covered so that you know what happened earlier, but you aren’t hit over the head with it. This storyline itself shows the police procedural and lab knowledge Reichs is known for. However, there were things that totally turned me off about the book.

The language is stiff, awkward and completely without flow. Honestly, it feels like the work of a freshman author, not the well known author with over 20 books to her name I know her to be. I seriously wondered, and still do, whether the book was written, as apparently is the case with other “names” by a new author, hired on the cheap. I don’t remember her books being this awkwardly written, in a “See Jane, See Jane Run, Run Jane Run” style. Needless to say,  where I would normally read the book cover to cover in at most two days, I found that it took me two weeks. Pick it up, read a few pages, get bored and put it down, then pick it up again later on.

I became terribly disenchanted with the TV show Bones based on the novel series, over a year ago, when Tempe gets pregnant. At that time, for some totally weird reason, the TV writers seemed to think that dumbing Tempe down was the thing to do if she was actually going to be living with that idiot Booth, Mr.” I Am Dumb As A Post But The Hot, Brilliant Doctor Still Let Me Knock Her Up.” I stuck with it for a short time after the dumbing down, but couldn’t stomach it any longer. I did watch the “Christmas Baby” scenario and was so disgusted that it took me a week to get over being pissed at how incredibly CRAPTASTIC it was! Haven’t watched it since.

I was pleased to be offered the book by the publisher. I had really hoped that Reich’s writing had not fallen into the “Dumb Tempe Down” trope. Sad to say, I can’t say that I was impressed – not by a long-shot. It’s a shame, but maybe Reichs is simply burned out? Whatever the case, I can’t give this any more than three stars, and that is based strictly on the storyline itself, not on the writing.

This book was received by Bantam Publishing in return for a realistic review. All thought are my own. Tentative on-sale date s September 23, 2014. If you are a loyal reader, I am sure you will add it to your shelf. If not, I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, read her earlier works, which were quite good.

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