Boarlander Boss Bear (Boarlander Bears, #1)The Boarlanders get their series now, and this first one is, well, a hoot. You see, Audrey only Thinks she met Harrison Lang, Alpha of the Boarlanders, online. She only Thinks they have a great online relationship.But when she meets Harrison for real, it seems Harrison has no idea who this crazy woman who claims to know him intimately is. Huhh? is, apparently, a fake site. Really? Oh, the embarrassment!

It is great getting to know the Boarlanders. We know of them because of the previous series introductions, but now we get the down and dirty. This is the C team – thanks mostly to Clinton, the nasty little turd. But at least we get to know a bit more about Clinton in this book, and I look forward to learning more about just what his nasty attitude stems from. And Audrey? I really Love Audrey! She is a shifter herself, but has never been around any other shifters. Watching her come out of her shell is awesome.

More of Damon’s Mountain is cool. Joyce’s Damon tales are up-and-down, but this one is more ‘up’ than down. I look forward to more of the Boarlanders – that is, if Clinton doesn’t run them off first!