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Blargh. Will Winter Never End???

Cailleach BheurOK, that is enough, Cailleach Bheur!! I mean it. I am getting really aggravated at your continuing hold on Winter, your refusal to move over and allow Summer to blossom is getting to be a pain in my backside. I already need the help of Airmid to bless my Airmidgardens with healing. If she even can, at this point. You are well aware that I have already had to replant – TWICE – because you keep getting such a kick out of dumping inches of snow on the land. Now, this continuing bone chilling cold and drooly, drizzly rain is really making me crazy! And you are planning on snowing – AGAIN – later this week?!?!?! Get over it girl!!! We need some relief around here or I won’t have and tomatoes, peppers, or anything else to put up for next winter. And you know I just got those two cherry trees and the apricot. If you think I am putting them in the ground for you to kill off, you’ve got another think coming! So how about you get off your grumpy, dreary backside and let a little warmth into our lives? Thank you!

Whew. OK. Got that off my chest. As you can tell, it is miserable around here. It actually started at the end of the plant sale I was telling you about. All I had to sell were catmint and lemon balm from last year’s crop.  They spread well and are amazingly hearty, so I had plants I could dig up. My oregano came back, but it hasn’t spread enough to be sold. So, just a bit, but it was still a ton of fun and I got the trees I wanted. I have photos but the battery in my tablet is dead, so more later on that.

Blargh. My housemate made coconut dark chocolate chip muffins. I am going to have one of those and a huge mug of hot tea and catch up on my reviews, so keep an eye out, they are coming. Nothing else I am up to doing today. Well, maybe going back to bed?

I wonder – if I buy a houseboat, could I just sail it to the Carribean every winter and stay there till the weather gets warm?

Of course, all I could afford is a “Hillbilly Houseboat”…..

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A Goodreads Question and Helping New Authors

Click to go to the Goodreads page 😉

Earlier today I got an e-mail from Joseph Persia, the author of The Sun They Called The Moon. Joseph is a new author who wrote, “Thanks for adding me. I feel that I am kind of new here since I still don’t quite understand “Goodreads” from an author’s paradigm, but thanks, again. Joe”

Hum. You know, I thought, there are a lot of those out there – brand new authors who don’t really know what is what about the various sites. And Goodreads is a good one to know. So, being myself, I sent the following e-mail:

Hi Joseph,

Goodreads is an author’s paradise. You can search for readers who have similar tastes to the theme of your book. You can join author groups to learn about marketing, networking, finding beta readers, editors and reviewers, and improving your overall writing.

Check out the groups (“Groups” under the main heading). Join those that sound interesting to you. Put up your favorite books under “My Books”. Join discussion groups about books in your genre and become a part of the discussion, while also telling the group members about your books.

Don’t be shy about asking for reviews, however, remember that most of us are crazy busy and it may be a while before the really good reviewers can get to your book (I have a waiting list that is edging into two months long). Since your book was published already, it will probably be a while before the good reviewers can get to you if you start asking now. So start READING REVIEWS by different reviewers. You will find that there is a great deal of difference between reviewers. READ reviews before you ask someone to review, and make sure that you are getting the right “fit”. There are people out there that don’t know what they are doing – and those that are just plain useless. And, yes, those who are purposely vicious. Must be something going on in their lives that makes them that way, I don’t know, but they are there. Use caution and choose only those who you believe will “get you”.

When you find reviewers you believe will be a good fit, write a nice e-mail, and offer to send them a copy for free. The good reviewers don’t pay for their books, their word is worth more than gold. But don’t just send a copy – ask – politely. And don’t be offended if you get a no – like I said, we are busy and many really good, thorough reviewers simply are too backed up.

Look for reviews that aren’t all just 5-star nauseating gushes. Look for realistic reviews that point out the highlights, but also, in a kind and generous manner, point out where the author could improve.

Hope this helps! Write if you want to chat. I do take time when I get up in the mornings to answer mail before I start work.


Maybe this will help another new author out there – or maybe I am full of cow hockey! Either way, if you think Joseph’s book might interest you, you might give him a shout.

Snow is gone, sun is out, and I am headed for the porch! Have a great day everyone!

Nine Month Review

Mark’s input on his sales, rankings, ratings, etc. is fascinating reading. It is always a huge question for authors, especially self-published authors. How do you best get your work out there in an efficient, cost effective manner which helps get your work in front of the right people?
I had to laugh, under “Ratings and reviews” he posts that he didn’t get any good ratings from the people he sent review requests too. I, of course, e-mailed in high dudgeon (we had been conversing by e-mail for some time by now, very pleasantly, about his books, and I had written a rather fawning review . . . ) about how I most certainly HAD written a good review for him. He replied, with a laugh, that yes, I had, but I was one of those “unplanned” reviews he loved so much. Uh, Oh. Yea. LOL!! I read “Sleight of Hand” and was totally charmed by his writing, his characters and his world building. So, of course, being me, I wrote and told him so. That e-mail led to long e-mail conversations which I have very much enjoyed and continue to this day.
As i was going through my e-mails, I noticed this blog post and realized how smart it is and how helpful I thought it was. Therefore, here it is, and I hope you find it as interesting as I did..
Now. GO OUT AND BUY MARK’S BOOKS! You will be very glad you did!

Mark Henwick

Sales, rankings, ratings, reviews and marketing roundup

This has my numbers!

It has the worst marketing mistake I made!

It has a challenge to find a book that beats SoH’s rating!

It has a reading recommendation while you wait for Wild Card!

It has predictions 🙂

This is pretty much the last opportunity I’ll have to feed back on the success of my first phase marketing plan for the Bite Back series, so I’m taking some time out from Wild Card to report. It is also a suitable date for an analysis, as it’s 9 months (plus a few days) after I pressed the Amazon Save & Publish button for Sleight of Hand.

The reason for this being the last opportunity is that, soon Raw Deal will be published, and this prequel novella is being provided free as a marketing ploy. This is a significant change from the original marketing, which was based primarily on…

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