Shifting Dreams | [Elizabeth Hunter]This was my first introduction to Elizabeth Hunter, and I am so happy that I found her through a book blogging friend of mine. I listened to the Audible edition, narrated by Liisa Ivary, and this is just another example of how a good narrator can take a good book and make it even better. Her smooth delivery led me through the book, introducing me to the characters and the world in a smooth and well-modulated way.

The story itself introduces us to Cambio Springs, a shifter town – a dying town since the military base closed down. Without something good happening, the town will disappear, and the safety of its inhabitants as well. A bar, a small school, and a tiny café are about it. Seven extended families started the town when one of their number had a vision of a crow flying over hot springs. And one of those springs is very, very special.

Jena Crowe is a single mother, trying to keep her two boys fed and a roof over all their heads. After losing her husband three years ago she is lonely, but so busy she has no time to make any changes to that situation. Here comes Caleb Gilbert, the new Police Chief – a normal, apparently. Well, maybe not.

The story is interesting, the mythology well written, and it kept my attention quite well. There are some congruency issues that should have been caught by the editor, but they weren’t enough to be completely irritating. As another reviewer pointed out the Caleb character was pretty dumb at times – an officer who makes the kind of mistakes he makes is a dead man – clearly illogical for someone with his background. I really enjoyed the world building the most about the book. Interesting world building, to me, is just as important as character development. Ms. Hunter does just that.

I will be trying out her other books when I get a chance. I picked up A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries, Book 1 narrated by Dina Pearlman. Right now it is on sale at Audible for $1.99, what a great deal!