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Made Dog Treats From The Dog Treat Cookbook!

dogtreatsIMGP1855Made the Beggin’ for Bacon Biscuits  with wheat flour (really shouldn’t have, as wheat is not good for dogs, but a tiny bit won’t hurt these guys) and the Carrot Poppers. Both turned out great, and the dogs are thrilled with them. But their favorite so far is the “Sweet Chews” which are probably the easiest thing to make in the book as well. Just sweet potatoes, sliced into 1/4″ pieces and dried.  Jinx, Colin and Bella thinks they are all wonderful. Colin, of course, being the King of the World, doesn’t really care for cookies, but at least he keeps his figure more easily than the others do!


Review: Dog Treat Cookbook: 27 Pooch-Approved Homemade Recipes

dogtreatsIf you are owned by four-legged children, you know how expensive pet treats can be. Especially the good quality ones! For example, a pound of sweet potato treats I found online is $14.95. That is a lot of money – especially when you can buy a sweet potato, or several pounds of them, for dirt cheap. And if you grow your own, well, you are making out like a bandit! And the Sweet Chews recipe in The Dog Treat Cookbook is dead simple. Cut up a sweet potato (or more than one) in 1/4” slices, dry, enjoy.

There are 27 recipes in this lovely little book in all, and all of them are healthy, fresh and homemade from human quality foods. This is much better and safer than buying treats which come out of China, where there are apparently on controls on production of anything – especially dog and cat treats!

Speaking of cats, though this is a dog treat book, I am looking at the Pick of the Sea Biscuits and thinking that my two whacked out cats would love those, and the Tuna Treats would have their ears perked up. Maybe they will even come out of their hidey-holes to get a treat (Nah. One lives in a closet, the other lives under the bed. I don’t see them coming out any time soon, but I can certainly chunk treats to them I suppose!)

Pumpkin Pie Cookies, Carrot Poppers and Doggy Breath Busters (Hey, Bella! The Breath

Cookie Good!!! Give Cookie To HiJinx! Now!!
Cookie Good!!! Give Cookie To HiJinx! Now!!

Busters are going to be the first thing I make – your breath is Rank, girlfriend!)

This is a well laid out book, with warnings about what NOT to feed your dog, what TO feed them, and why. Storage and baking tips are included.

Looks like I will be pulling out the mixing bowl and cookie sheet very soon!

Recommended. Most of these recipes look like they wouldn’t take 10-minutes to mix up and pop into the oven. How easy is that? Of course the Dogrios (The filling between the two cookies is cream cheese) are darling, and the Tutti-Fruity Dogsicles will be much appreciated in this hot weather!

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