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A Thought Provoking Video To Remind Us Of The Sacrifice Our Military Makes For Us

This video is from The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF). I will warn you that it is heartrending, both horrifying and hopeful at the same time. At Easter time, we should give a thought to the sacrifice of our military men and women, and how much they suffer for us. And exactly why they are suffering. Is it truly for the safety and security of our people? Or are they simply cogs in the machine that cranks out money for corporations and governments? Are our attacks to protect us, or to assure our oil supplies? Whatever it may be, THANK YOU to The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) for this amazing commercial.


And more videos about the healing of dogs for returning warriors with PTSD




And finally – the dogs give you drugs and prescriptions – but Service Dogs could do SO MUCH! Tell the VA that you support Service Dogs for Returning Veterans!!!!



Pet Harbor Pets – These Little Cuties Need A Home!

Thank you to The Denver Animal Shelter for making Juna and Bucky and all the other beauties needing homes available on their site!

JUNA – ID#A217707  I am an unaltered female, tan and white Wh terrier mix.I was found wearing a collar. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old. I have been at the shelter since Apr 07, 2014. This information is updated hourly. Help the Denver Animal Shelter find a new loving home for me and more animals like me. Click here to donate.

Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:
DIAMOND Child rating: 8 due to: Timid, needs to be approached slowly May need help learning how to play properly May need improvement in house manners May need socialization Must have daily exercise Other:Very loving dog. A bit shy.

Donate Now
The Denver Animal Shelter has Several Adoptable Animals!

For more information about this animal, call:

 at (720) 337-1800
Ask for information about animal ID number A217707

Bucky looks a lot like my Lily! I miss her so… Could you give this gorgeous little boy a new home?

BUCKY – ID#A217653  I am a neutered male, white American Bulldog.I was found wearing a collar. The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old. I have been at the shelter since Apr 06, 2014. This information is updated hourly. Help the Denver Animal Shelter find a new loving home for me and more animals like me. Click here to donate.

Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal

DIAMOND Dog experience required;

Breed experience preferred Child rating: 8+ due to sweet temperament. Big and clumsy, so may knock smaller children down. Basic obedience training highly recommended May need leash training May need help learning how to play properly May need improvement in house manners May need socialization Possibly not good with other animals May be overly excitable Needs mental stimulation; MAY be destructive without it Must have daily exercise Other: Very sweet dog who loves to play and loves interaction. Definitely will need lots of exercise and some training. Knows sit, but is selective at listening.

For more information about this animal, call: Denver Animal Shelter at (720) 337-1800 Ask for information about animal ID number A217653


Review: Stray Ally By Troy Lambert – Suspense, Thrills, and the Love of an Amazing Dog

Stray Ally
Please see the previous post for more information about “Stray Ally”

We must maximize our efforts to counter violent extremism, radicalization and recruitment in the United States and stop using xenophobia and ethnic stereotyping. – Bennie Thompson

Time and again we see leaders and members of religions incite aggression, fanaticism, hate, and xenophobia – even inspire and legitimate violent and bloody conflicts.
– Hans Kung

Humans never grow up. – Me

It starts innocently, though horribly. A teenager, one of those most careless of creatures, so certain of their own immortality. A skateboard, a bridge over a highway, and a long, long fall. And a specially trained soldier, drummed out of the corps for reasons unsure and unknown, a victim of circumstance – a victim whose world will now start to spiral out of control.

What happens when a military commander goes out of control? When the good join the evil, and death and destruction are the outcome? And what if what seems simply a tragic accident is actually something more? Something horrific beyond thought or comprehension?

Lambert has written a military-based tale of murder and hatred, sociopathy and convoluted planning that would make the Gorgon weep. Set in Idaho, the poster child state for domestic terrorism and religious fanaticism, as well as fanatical racism, this could have been your standard tale of psychotic racial hatred and military misanthropy. However, this is more than that. For, within an outstanding story of suspense and terror, Lambert introduces a nearly paranormal aspect – the dogs.

Todd Clarke has escaped custody. When a teenager fell to his death onto the hood of his wife’s Mercedes, and the state police officer, seeing the child and recognizing him as his own, attacks Clarke, threatening him with his gun, Clarke’s training kicks in under the shock of the child’s death, and Clarke disarms and kills the officer. In hiding in the mountains, Clarke runs across a supposed hiker and his dog, Sparky, and the outcome is the death of the hiker – and the friendship of the dog. Chased by agents, both known and unknown, Clarke begins a race for his life, with the nearly supernatural assistance of Sparky – an assistance that comes with the help of many other dogs, mutts mostly, lured to Sparky by a force which Clarke does not understand, but which saves his life again and again.

I adored the part the dogs play in the story line. As the author states in his statement regarding his book: So I read this book the other day, about a man in some real trouble, at an uncertain and dark point in his life. He meets a dog, and that changes everything. The dog is no ordinary dog, but I ask you: what dog is ordinary? With the help of this amazing dog and some of his canine friends, the man finds the strength to keep going.

Much like Todd, I have my own story of a dog who saved my life, who drew me back from suicide and self loathing, who taught me what love truly was. I wouldn’t have made it with him, just like Clarke needs Sparky and his friends.

Another thing that truly dug into me was the story of military personnel gone rogue – men of power who convoluted and destroyed the very essence of what is good about the military, turning it into a twisted and evil power used for the worst possible reasons. Hatred and domination, and all that is wrong and disgusting about the sort of mentality that hates others in the name of their concept of a hateful and brutal god. I have always found it interesting – those who preach Gods goodness and power and mercy, and that all things “great and small” are created by this god – but will, in his name, murder and torture and terrorize all those whose skin colour is not the same as their own.

But my favorite part of the whole book? The dogs, those loving, loyal, and tremendously brave creatures who will lay down their lives for the right and the true. If for no other reason, if you love dogs, you must read this book. You will never be sorry you did so.

Whatever the evolutionary basis of religion, the xenophobia it now generates is clearly maladaptive. – Lawrence M. Krauss

I received this book from Lucy Felthouse at Writer Marketing Services. I have received no compensation for any postings which I have undertaken, or any reviews written. All thoughts and comments regarding Stray Ally or any other books reviewed for Writer Marketing Services are my own.

Blog Tour for Troy Lambert’s Stray Ally – Military Suspense, Anyone?

Disclosure:  I am a real mess right now. As some of my followers know, I have had some relapse going on, and have fallen behind on my work.

Click for more information for Lucy Felthouse Writer Services.

However, I am feeling better! So, catch up time.

I should have had the review for Stray Ally done yesterday and posted with the marketing materials. However, with everything going on, it slipped under the radar.  I am half way through reading now, and will be posting my review (and it will be a good one – I am having trouble hurrying through the book because I want to savor it!)  I will, therefore, post my review later today. But for now, I want to encourage you to check this out! It is a great book from what I have read so far.

Below you will find a statement by the author, Troy Lambert, and an excerpt from the book, as well as the blurb. Enjoy, and look for my review soon!

Stray Ally
The cover art for Stray Ally

A Note From Troy Lambert

It’s really funny when you read your own work. Sometimes it’s best to do it with a drink nearby. Not coffee. Something stronger. Other times a box of tissues is appropriate. Hopefully it is not so bad that you need to ensure all the firearms and sharp knives are locked safely away before you start reading.
Don’t get me wrong. It can be magical, and there are a few times in my life when the magic has happened to me. Stray Ally is one of those times. Now, before you think I am doing some egotistical bragging let me explain. This book did not achieve automatic magic status right away. In fact, the first time I read it when I did my initial revisions, I almost threw it away. I thought it wasn’t really that good. But I’d made a promise to write it, so I dug in, fixed what I could, and sent it off to my publisher and editor.
It wasn’t until I revisited the story later that I actually liked it. That was also when I realized some of the ‘why’ behind its creation, and that’s also when I wrote the dedication to my dog, Houston, who passed away a few years ago.
So I read this book the other day, about a man in some real trouble, at an uncertain and dark point in his life. He meets a dog, and that changes everything. The dog is no ordinary dog, but I ask you: what dog is ordinary? With the help of this amazing dog and some of his canine friends, the man finds the strength to keep going.
Is his friendship with the dog enough to get him through? Ah, you’ll have to read the rest of the story to find out. But I hope when you read it something magical happens inside of you, like it did for me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.
Excerpt From Stray Ally
She’d heard something, not imagined it.
Then it came again. A soft scratching at the back door. Down low.
She hadn’t had a dog since she was a kid, but it sounded like one scratching to be let in. The knob rattled, claws scratching on either side of it. It couldn’t be.
Surely the dog wasn’t trying to open the door?
Slowly she made her way around the table, flipped on the porch light and peeked through the blinds. No one. Looked down as low as she could, but couldn’t see a thing closer than the first step.
As quietly as she could, she eased back the deadbolt, hearing an urgent whine outside.
Slowly she eased the door open. A medium sized mongrel pushed it open, out of her hand, causing her to cry out.
The door swung wider, headed for impact with the wall. The dog was quicker, around the door like a flash, swinging it closed. The pooch stood on his hind legs, his paws on either side of the door, looking up at the lock. He barked once.
Marsha reached out, shooting the bolt home.
The dog plopped down on all fours, and then she got a good look at him.
Long scraggly black fur and droopy ears framed a kind face. An arrow of white and gray fur decorated the chest, and he wagged his tail.
He didn’t wear a collar, but there was a mussed line of fur where one had rested not long ago and by the look of it for an extended stay.
Marsha moved warily forward, and the dog closed its mouth, stopping its panting tongue for a moment, cocking his head as if listening closely. He lowered his head with canine respect, stretching his neck out.
Go ahead, pet me, he seemed to say.
She reached out, scratching him behind the ears, rubbing his head. The strange dog responded enthusiastically, dancing about her kitchen with giddy excitement, but not barking.
Marsha giggled as he did. Strange, but even with this dog showing up unannounced at her house in the middle of the night, she felt oddly at ease.
He smiled, though, like the dog she remembered from her childhood when he’d gone off running or been playing really hard, and needed a bath.
The dog was sweaty, and thirsty. His tongue hung from his mouth, but no drool fell from it. She found an old metal bowl in the cupboard, and filled it, setting it gently on the floor.
He quickly dropped his head, lapping eagerly.
She smiled again, wishing for the umpteenth time that Todd was here to share this oddest of moments.
The front doorbell rang.
The dog took off before she had a chance, barking fiercely, his tail no longer wagging.
Marsha followed close behind, wondering who could be at her door so late at night.
A strange accident on the freeway, accusations of murder, and an encounter in the Idaho wilderness all propel Todd Clarke into a new friendship with a dog named Sparky. But Sparky is no ordinary dog, and there is more going on than Clarke could have imagined.
A military commander, he investigated for Aryan activity and links to domestic terrorism is after him, and he’s not sure why until another chance encounter provides the answer.
With Sparky and the help of his canine friends, will he be able to figure out the Colonel’s plan and stop him in time? All Clarke knows for sure is none of it would be possible without the help of his Stray Ally.
Buy Link:

Bio For Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert’s Website Click the photo!


Troy works as a freelance writer, researcher, and editor. He writes historical site characterization reports for those performing remediation on former resource extraction sites, software instruction and help guides, and edits the research of others as well. His true passion is writing dark, psychological thrillers. His work includes Broken Bones, a collection of his short stories, Redemption the first in the Samuel Elijah Johnson Series, Temptation the sequel to Redemption, along with the horror Satanarium, co-authored with Poppet, a brilliant author from South Africa and published by Wild Wolf Publishing. His next novel, Stray Ally, will be published March 4th by Tirgearr Publishing. The final in the Samuel Elijah Johnson Series, Confession will be published May 1st.
Troy lives with his wife of twelve years, two of his five children and two very talented dogs. He is a skier, cyclist, hiker, fisherman, hunter, and a terrible beginning golfer.
Author Website:
Amazon Author page:
Giveaway: Best story of a dog (Stray Ally) that you rescued, or that helped you through a hard time sent to by March 29th wins a $25 Amazon gift card. Winner and story shared on my blog Monday, March 31st. Share your story today


Recommendation: Leader (Angel Paws) by Jordan Taylor

leaderLeader (Angel Paws)
Jordan Taylor
4.7 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

FREE for a limited time

A true leader? Or a terrible mistake?

Hundreds of miles separate Aaron from the finish line of a dogsled race he never meant to enter. With his best lead dog dropped from the race and unknown obstacles still ahead, he must take a leap of faith: relying on a young dog he has never learned to trust and whose leadership skills have never been tested. Until now.

Stories in the Angel Paws series celebrate the unique bond between canines and humans with heartfelt, moving, and insightful tales for anyone who has ever loved a dog.

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(also available from Amazon. DE  IT  ES )

Melissa’s Bag!

I made my friend Melissa one of my bags for Christmas! She loves elephants, and of course, puppies, so I had to give her both. And Loving bright colours like I do, I thought I would indulge myself also by giving her bright, bright, bright! Thank goodness she loves brights too! It is big enough for her laptop, and has TONS of pockets. She can put her new Kindle in a pocket, and there is a pocket on the outside that is sized for her cellphone.

I make these for sale too – Hint Hint! LOL

IMGP1742 IMGP1743 IMGP1744 IMGP1745 IMGP1746 IMGP1747 IMGP1748 IMGP1749



The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers is out in paperback on Amazon!
The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers is out in paperback on Amazon!

The holidays are nearly here, and what better gift than beautiful copies of SHOWSTOPPERS for all your friends and family? Heartwarming, funny, and all around lovable, these canine companions, along with their Angel Guardian, her Angel Mentor, and their favorite FBI Agent are on another adventure!

Travel with them, from New Orleans to New York as they track down the evil people who are kidnapping famous show dogs!

The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers is out in paperback on Amazon! Click the link above and you can purchase copies for everyone on your list!


Review: The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers

Click to purchase the book in Paper or Kindle!
You KNOW you want to! You NEED this book!

 The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers has been published, and it is just as good as the first book! Hey, maybe even better, but then, since they are both so good anyway, does it matter?

 In The Returns, we met four people who made it to the Pearly Gates a little early, for one reason or the other. Maybe someone wasn’t paying attention?. Oops. A little trip to the “Early Returns” department and they are now back on Earth in new bodies. Four very furry, very four-footed bodies! Bentley, the basset hound who used to be an FBI agent, Pierre, now a West Highland White Terrier, a fashion designer and MIT graduate at age 16, Tucker, now a Golden but previously a Navy Seal, and finally Bones, former World Featherweight Boxing Champion and now a rough, tough Chihuahua and master mechanic. The Returns are guarded and guided by Faith Fullilove, their first-year Guardian Angel and her own Mentor Angel, Miss Gitty the gray tabby cat.

All four, with the addition of Bentley’s ex-partner in the FBI, Aiden, were involved in the takedown of a horrible bad-guy who was directly involved in the deaths of at least three of The Returns. Now, with Showstoppers, the team is back in action, using their skills and capabilities to track down and stop the theft of show dogs.

 From their home in New Orleans to Madison Square Garden, the team goes on a fun and brilliantly designed romp through the world of high-stakes dog shows. Again filled with fun, humour, excitement, and a brilliant insight into the minds and personality of dogs, this is definitely NOT a book to miss!

 Once again, the dog characterizations were spot-on. I could hear and see these guys in my head the whole time I was reading. And let me say again – if you love humor in your reading, this is perfect! Ah, the pictures in my head! If you are a dog lover, this is absolutely a book you should read. The characters of the dogs are perfect for their breeds, as well as for the personalities of the people they used to be. Well, I suppose they still are those people in their hearts and souls!

 Filled with humor, thoughtfulness, and love, this is a perfect book – as M. K. says, “for anyone from 12 to 112!”


Note:  I am the editor for both The Returns and The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers. However, I wouldn’t have taken the editing if I didn’t truly believe in the books, and these are definitely two of my favorites of all the books that I have edited!

Monsters – Peter Cawdron (Edited Review)

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The fallout from a passing comet contains a biological pathogen, not a virus or a living organism, just a collection of amino acids, but these cause animals to revert to the age of the mega-fauna, when monsters roamed Earth. Part of the blurb from Monsters by Peter Cawdron

And so, when the fall of man came, the Luddites rejoiced. For them, man’s demise was a vindication of their ideals, a moment full of spite and bitter rejoicing. Peter Cawdron-Monsters

Reading is far more than picking words off a page. It is to breathe in another soul, to walk in their shoes. When you read, you lose yourself and inhabit anothers life, the life of one that went before you on this Earth Peter Cawdron-Monsters

NOTE: This is an edited review:
After speaking with Peter, I do feel that my take on the second half of the book may have been too harsh. He does make a good point that it was important to learn about how humanity begins to change, how they begin to find their way. I did some rereading and decided that I have a better grasp of where he is going and what he was doing with his characterizations. I am leaving my previous review in place – others may find that the information is useful, but I do want to note that I have raised the book’s review status by a point based on our discussion and a rereading of the second half of the book. Either way, I don’t regret reading the book, and his world development was spectacular, something that is always important to me. Read it. You will draw your own conclusions.

I was originally drawn to the book by its cover. A simple pen-and-ink sketch of the skull of a Smilodon, a Pleistocene epoch saber-tooth cat, it caught my attention as the description of the book drew me in. For the first third of the book, I was not disappointed.

In many ways, Monsters starts off in an unusual but very interesting manner, as apparently ancient newsprint becomes the introductory vehicle for the history of the collapse of man. This is not your typical dystopian novel, where zombies rule the earth. Instead, the story starts out innocuously, as a passing comet, Comet Holt, appears in the night sky. Fragile bits of newsprint recount how Holt grows in the sky, and lit up the sky, its twin tails “breathtaking to behold”. The subsequent breakup and dispersal of over half of the comet into the Sun came with volatile disintegration across space, and the subsequent showering of the Earth with tiny, breathtakingly beautiful showers of dust lighting up the stratosphere.

Cawdron’s description of these events is beautifully done, and pulled me deeper and deeper into the tale, as the biological pathogens in the cometary dust, “The Sparkles,” for all their breathtaking beauty, begin an insidious correction to life on Earth. The subsequent changes to the world economy are only the beginning, as dust in the upper atmosphere wreaks havoc with the weather, bringing on a new ‘mini ice age’, dropping humanity further and further back into a new stone age. The outcome of this is as could be expected, as man desperately scrambles to survive, falling back into a medieval superstitions and religious zealotry. Books and science are outlawed, and environmental changes run rampant.

Excellent. The story arc for this part of the book was exceptional, and kept me totally engrossed. There were, of course, problems with the timeline of the fall of civilization and the rapid evolutionary changes, but this is fiction, and these sorts of things are to be expected though not embraced. The rapid disintegration of humans, from sophisticated, thinking beings to savages was much more believable in its rapidity given the very nature of the human animal and it’s natural savagery. As Nazi Germany, the Catholic Inquisition and the reign of Pol Pot attest, man is easily lead and easily drawn into barbaric mob mentality, lacking anything approaching “humanity”. In Cawdron’s book, as in reality, MAN is the true monster. . .

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