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Review: Bloodrunner Dragon (Harper’s Mountains Book 1) by

Bloodrunner Dragon (Harper's Mountains, #1)The last we knew of Harper, Weston, Ryder, Wyatt and Aaron, they were children, barely more than babies. Much beloved by all the Shifters of Damon’s Mountain, they were raised together with all the care and love any child could want.

Now, they are all in their mid to late twenties, all much different than we last knew them. Harper, the Bloodrunner Dragon daughter of Bruiser the Bear and Diem, daughter of Damon Daye, the Last Immortal Dragon, claimed Wyatt for her own as a child. Yet, when disaster happened, instead of hanging around and holding things together, Wyatt left. Left Harper alone to face life without him. Left her to face The Unrest – the time of sickness leading up to her death. But when Wyatt drunk texts Harper ten years later, she pulls together their old gang and flies to his rescue. But will it cost Harper, the last Bloodrunner Dragon, her life even sooner than the Unrest?

This is a whole new time, a time where all shifters have rights – but it also means that vampires have rights as well. Something that they believe gives them the right to take and drink from whomever they wish. It is a tough fight, but with their friends at their backs, will Harper and Wyatt be able to save Harper’s life, and start afresh on Harper’s Mountains? And what of their friends, the children of Damon’s Mountain?

It’s a pleasure, coming back to the Damon’s Mountain world, set in a new place and with the grown children. We only get a short phone conversation with Bash and Bruiser, but I look forward to seeing if the old gang comes to visit as the series goes forward.

Spoilery Stuff Ahead! Stop here if you haven’t read the book!




Someone griped about how angsty they all were, where I didn’t see that at all. Yes, they are pissed at Wyatt – they deserve to be. He left and took their love for him, and Harper’s, and left Harper dying without him. Yes, there is drama. It would be boring as hell without it. But these kids have every reason in the world to be pissed at Wyatt. That doesn’t make them “angsty” that makes them real. We aren’t really shown who they are at this time, what time has made them. We will, in the upcoming stories, and I look forward to that. As for your comment that “mates don’t have physical relationships with other people?” The whole “undying mate” thing is MUCH more unrealistic than the fact that these are written as real people with real issues and real heartbreak. Harper did her best to find another treasure in order to stay alive. Denigrating that with some silly notion demeans the reality (within a supernatural world) of Ms. Joyce writing real stories with real human emotions. And really – did you expect her to lay back on a fainting couch with the back of her hand across her forehead, weeping into a tissue as she dies a painful death instead of gutting up and getting out there and trying to find a way to stop her own death? Now that is patently ridiculous! Real women save their own lives in any way possible without lying around like some wimpy historical romance wimp! If you want that, well, don’t read books with strong, vital female characters!

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t really care for Wyatt’s character. I found him weak – not in her writing, but inside himself, and I give Ms. Joyce huge Kudos for writing ‘alpha’ characters who aren’t all brawny, brainy, perfect. Her Damon’s Mountain characters definitely weren’t perfect – and I greatly doubt the kids will be either. Heck – look who their parents are!

I wouldn’t choose him for myself. But Harper’s dragon did. She saw the good – even thought I pretty much wanted to throw him over a cliff! He was an idiot, but he is her idiot. But then, aren’t so many men out there real, actual idiots that women have to teach to pull up their lives by their bootstraps? Sometimes it requires a light touch. Sometimes they have to whack the bastards over the head with a 2×4 in order to get their attention. She simply had to pull out a semi trailer and bop this dumbass alpha over the head! 😉


Paranormal Protection Agency Volume 2 by Mina Carter

Paranormal Protection Agency by Mina CarterThe first Paranormal Protection Agency volume wasn’t all that. More of an erotica, the platform of a Federal Paranormal agency was used mostly as just that. A platform, with very minor agency business carried out. It was more “bow chicka bow bow” than the solid Paranormal Romance/Suspense that I had expected from Ms. Mina. It was OK, but just that.

The second volume was much better to my way of thinking. The stories revolve around the Dragon twins, Duke and Baron. Abandoned only days after their birth, the boys grew up knowing nothing of who and what they really were other than that they were dragons. Research as they grew taught them they were Shadow Dragons, able to take the form of the very shadows themselves. But much searching gave little information, and no others of their kind appeared.

Hired by the PPA, they work as a team, but always as part of a larger group. Well, you can’t really blame Illiona, their boss, when ‘one’ of the twins (no, no saying which one!) has a tendency to snack on the clients pets – especially their very expensive horses . . . just sayin’. Then, they get their first solo job, guarding the daughter of a very wealthy client. Once who the police are sure is running illegal paranormal fight clubs around the city.

And here is where Dragons Honor and Dragons Chase differ from the original books. Both are strong entries in the Paranormal Romance/Suspense genre. The agency storyline comes into full bloom, the characters are more well rounded, and the world building more well defined. I completely enjoyed these two stories. Where the originals (in volume 1) has potential that was never reached, these two stories were actual stories that contained a few sex scenes while the first books were sex scenes searching for stories.

Overall, these two stories gave me confidence that I will read more Mina Carter. Not all her writing is going to appeal to me, that is a given at this point, but she wrote a couple of readable works here that I actually enjoyed quite a bit.

Review: Alaskan Fury (Guardians of the First Realm Book 2) by Sara King

fury“It is the mark of the mind untrained to take its own processes as valid for all men, and its own judgments for absolute truth.” ― Aleister Crowley, Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on The Book of the Law

Ah, the hubris of the male of the species. No, it doesn’t really matter what species. Human. Shifter. Full animal. But make that a multiple centuries old Wereverine, and all bets are off. I mean, come on, Dude. You know the Hunters are out to get you. You know they will kill anyone and everyone they have to to get their hands on your lovely little Phoenix mate. And what do you do? You still want to run around out in the woods, advertising the poor, lonely werewolf in the woods who only needs a goodhearted little human female to love and protect. Snort. Like the Hunters aren’t going to figure it out?!?! Sigh.

The second in Sara King’s Guardians of the First Realm series, after Alaskan Fire is Alaskan Fury, and it is a fast thrill ride from the first. The wereverine being careless and self-centered is what got them into trouble last time, but they survived. But this time it may cost all of the residents of Blaze the Phoenix’s lodge their firefreedom – or their lives. But then, for people who turn into animals, or spirits who pop out of different realms, what is the difference?

Kaashifah the Fury, Chosen warrior of the Lord of War, has spent centuries tied to the djinn ‘Aqrab of the Fourth lands, each waiting for the other’s death blow. A blow that will place one or the other at the eternal mercy of the one who deals the blow. Deadly enemies, they are forced to live side-by-side through the ages, waiting for a wish that never comes. But now, to save their friends and neighbors, as well as save themselves from the Inquisition, they must put aside everything and work together for the good of all.

Again, King has written a fast paced, thoughtful novel of not only paranormals, but of those who hunt them. The tale twists and turns, giving both sides of the story, from the paranormals who only want to be left alone in the vastness of Alaska to the Hunters who are trained from birth to hunt, use, and kill them. The characters are diverse and well written, though again there needed to be an editor, so keep that in mind. There are unusual characters here, from Wereverine (were wolverine) to Phoenix, Fury, Djinn and more. Overall, a strong read for those who like strong women characters, fast paced action, and a good story line.

Kill It With Magic (Lillim Callina Book One) by J. A. Cipriano – Young Adult

Kill it with Magic by J.A. CiprianoHere’s the thing. I don’t normally like “YA” books. Hey, been there, done that, didn’t even want the flipping “I lived through being a teenager” T-shirt. But I was looking for a Whispersync book, I had downloaded this book from a “freebie” email, and though there was no description on the “About this book” on my Kindle, the first couple of paragraphs grabbed my attention and made me laugh.

“What kind of a tip do you give someone you’ve just blown up? That’s the thought that ran through my mind as I frantically rummaged through my pockets for something, anything to give the delivery boy I’d just blasted into the brick wall outside my tiny apartment.

It wasn’t my fault, I swear. It’s not like my day planner reads: brush teeth, shower, get dressed, blow up delivery boys.” – Lillim Callina

You have to admit, that is pretty darn humorous, right? So, I paid my $1.99 for Whispersync, popped on my headphones, and wandered into my studio to work on my art. Let’s face it – that is a LOT less money than paying for a full Audible Edition! And you can simply stop listening and start reading any time you want.


Come to find out, Lillim Callina is actually sixteen – but you wouldn’t know it from reading her. Well, actually, actually she is something like six years old. Yeah, weird, huh? You see, Lillim is a reincarnation of one ass-kicking, name-taking female with a nasty streak and some deep, dark secrets. Throw in a ton of magic, a spectacularly sped-up growth rate, a mother who thinks that the perfect way to ‘teach’ her toddler “Vampires Bad!” is to tie her to a tree outside a cave full of blood-suckers right at sundown (OK, I just thought my egg donor was a raving lunatic!) a dragon turf war, and a truly pissed-off werewolf king (Well, OK. She did accidentally get his son kidnapped as a pawn in the aforementioned dragon turf war. Sigh.) Add to that various and sundry other weird, hideous and downright loco monsters, and this was a riot wrapped in a Dresden-esque ass-kicking on steroids. Lillim appears to be sixteen, but her thought process are wildly skewed by the memories from her eight former lives – especially the previous one – making her a clever mix of teenager and burned-out middle aged woman.

This is non-stop action, with plenty of blood and blades to go around. Lillim is quite interesting, though I had a bit of a problem with just how often, and just how severely, she got herself beaten to a pulp and still walked away. The author goes to great pains to write her as a mortal creature in a world filled with immortal monsters – but it stretches belief when every time she turns around she is being slammed into brick walls by dragons, set on fire, and basically subjected to brutality that should have killed her. Over, and over, and over again. Still, the book was amusing, the story itself is unusual – not as formulaic as is so common these days – and Lilllim is an interesting character with a striking backstory.

Overall, I don’t regret the time I spent with the book. If you are a fan of YA, I recommend it. If you aren’t a fan, you still might enjoy it – I did.

Alaskan Fire – Book One, Guardians of the First Realm by Sara King – A Keeper

“The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as dreams are alive, more real than real … for a moment at least … that long magic moment before we wake.” – George R. R. Martin

It wasn’t supposed to be, well, “easy,” not exactly. I mean, moving into an isolated, 10,000 square foot fishing lodge in the backwoods of Alaska isn’t for the weak of heart or soul. But when you inherit a good bit of money, just enough to buy your dream, it is hard to think about all the things that can happen when you are a 6’4” woman with orange hair, huge feet, and a childhood wish to run a back country fishing lodge. So, Blaze dove in, monster feet first. But, well, yeah. Stuff happens.

“Stuff” like your handyman suddenly turning into a were wolverine and attacking not an hour after the bush plane drops her off on the banks of Lake Ebony on the Yentna River. Yep. Things are going downhill from here, toot sweet. Oh, werewolves and wolverine, dragons and Thunderbird and, well, you get the point. And baby, “Something Wicked definitely this way comes…” But, darn it, this is HER place – even if a curmudgeonly, foul tempered, bad mouthed wolverine IS accusing her of being some kind of fantasy creature bent on elbowing in on “his” territory. Hey, she has the proof of her ownership of those thirty acres in her safety deposit box! Jerk.

I was truly surprised and thrilled to find a new-to-me author I am now so enthralled with. Alaskan Fire is a new sort of beast. A fantasy/paranormal with new and fascinating world and character building. Yes, there are the “standard” list of fantasy characters. Weres and dragons, etcetera. But done with an interesting twist of characterization and storyline that created a book I honestly couldn’t put down. And rather than gulping the book in huge bites, I savored it, taking my time and learning to love a couple of pretty unusual oddballs. Let’s face it. Jack the wereverine is someone that I would normally absolutely “despise” in any other situation. From the first, I hated him. I mean really hated him. But stepping back, I began to learn who he was, deep down. All the millennia of being alive, through a time when man was barely walking erect, through the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and beyond . . . centuries without measure, filled with love and loss and more pain than any one creature should be forced to bear. Yep. Jack is a piece of work. And before it was over, well, I may never be a charter member of the Jack Fan Club, but I absolutely want to continue the story. Because this? Well, this was awesome.

“I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that.” ― Brian Andreas, Story People: Selected Stories & Drawings of Brian Andreas

I will warn you that Ms. King has an obsessive love affair with misplaced and unnecessary commas, as well as unnecessary hyphens, so expect it. Yes, she needs an editor. But her writing overall is so compelling even I was able to overlook it. And that is pretty darn special. Oh, and this is not the “meet the guy and hump him within five minutes” story. This is much, much better than that. Those are fine, in their place, but this is a real, honest to goodness novel with power to spare. There is a somewhat “HEA” … but I see a lot more in store for Blaze and Jack than some simple ending. A lot more.

“Alaskan Fire” is the first of Sara King’s “Guardians of the First Realm” series. Book two is “Alaskan Fury” and I already have it downloaded. Here’s a hint for Were and Human alike – these are Kindle Unlimited, so what are you waiting for?!


Kate Baray – Episode 3 of Spirelli Paranormal Investigations

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations: Episode 3 (Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, #3)Kate Baray continues her Episodic, and it keeps getting better! An offshoot of her Lost Library series, Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, Episode 3, continues the story of Jack Spirelli, Paranormal investigator and Marin, his dragon sidekick. The story in Episode 1 was the first Jack and Marin worked together – and a ghost is determined to ascertain that it is their last. It was lovely fun. In Episode 2, Jack and Marin’s next case take them back to Louisiana, where a single case of “something odd is going on . . .” becomes much more, and much more dangerous, than they ever expected.

Now, in Episode 3, Jack and Marin bite off an even bigger chunk of “paranormal pain-in-the-ass” as they take on protecting Sylvia, a coven witch determined to escape the coven’s control. But Jack has a truly bad history with the coven – and that history may get the three of them dead just as much as the coven’s determination to make sure Sylvia doesn’t escape their grasp.

I’m not a lover of episode storylines, but Kate does it right. These are complete novelettes, with beginning, middle, and end – something that most don’t offer, and Kate blows out of the water. If you haven’t read the Lost Library series, I highly recommend it.

Thanks Kate, for once again offering me the opportunity to read and review your stories! I love, love your work!

Review: Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish #Fantasy #SupernaturalArcheology

Owl and the City of Angels  (Adventures of Owl, #2)“Many people out there don’t have a choice in choosing their friends and the people they’re being manipulated by. Thank God, I have that choice. I can use my judgment and choose.” — Javier Bardem

“When it comes to controlling human beings, there is no better instrument than lies. Because you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.” — Michael Ende

Owl just can’t catch a break. She should have learned, from her run-ins with all that is supernatural in Owl and the Japanese Circus that, the more she learns about the supernatural, the more there is to learn. And the more she would regret breaking her one rule. It was so simple, really. Don’t mess with the supernatural. Well, that’s all blown to hell and back. And hell is exactly where she might end up this time. She had to go and open up that sarcophagus, hence pissing off the vampires. Bloody cockroaches. Then she had to get on the wrong side of a Naga and a dragon. Oh, and if that isn’t enough? Now it is curses and mummies. You just had to touch it, didn’t you? Just had to unwrap it and touch it. Sigh.

I said about Owl in my last review, “Owl is a damaged character. Her default reaction to, well, everything is to break and run for the hills. Sure, it can save your backside to run away. But sometimes, you are just running further into the fire. And sometimes, the people you believe you know are not the people you thought they were at all. For good, or for bad. And Owl needs to learn the difference, quickly, if she wants to live, and to grow into something more than a child in a grownup world. Owl definitely needs to grow as a person, and as a character.” And I have to say, she definitely does show personal and professional growth in “Owl and the City of Angels.” Oh, that isn’t to say she doesn’t still make dumb choices – she does. Hence the whole “mummies and curses” thing. But she is growing.

“Come to think of it, I’m amazed how much I’ve grown over the past few months. I’m becoming an interesting person. Not well adjusted, but someone who occasionally sees through the messes they create.”

Of course, Owl being Owl, she winds up in shit storms of monstrous proportions, but that is to be expected. And vacillates between funny – and just plain causing me to plant a face-palm.

“You are correct in your assessment of the City of the Dead. Keep in mind that even we supernaturals sometimes lose places for a reason.”

The story itself is as good as Japanese Circus. There is as much going on in this book, if not more, and as the cast of characters expands Owl begins to learn more about the supernatural, and more about herself as well. Old characters come back, both good and bad, and Owl becomes a pawn once more in the political power struggles of both the supernatural and of the IAA. Layers are peeled back, only to reveal more layers of rot and lies underneath. As always, this is an adventure heavy, Indiana Jane sort of tale, and Owl impresses me more and more with both her capability, her savvy, and her ability to piss everyone around her off in new and inventive ways. And the authors interest in, and knowledge of, archaeology really adds depth and dimension to the story. I am, of course, a geek at heart, and I found all sorts of things to highlight and look up later.Owl and the Japanese Circus (Adventures of Owl, #1)

I can’t recommend this series highly enough for readers who like strong women characters who are still learning about themselves and about how to manage their pain and grow. Some wrongs are righted in this volume, though some even more horrible wrongs occur – one particular one which ripped my insides out. Captain, Owl’s Egyptian Mau partner is still a strong part of the story – who can’t love a cat who was bred specifically to attack and poison vampires with his teeth and claws? Awesome! The only bad part? I have to WAIT for the next volume! And from the epilogue? Oh, yeah. The waiting is gonna be very, very hard. Everyone wants to use Owl for their own plots and plans . . . and here is hoping that at least a couple of those people get exactly what is coming to them!!

I received Owl and the City of Angels from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. Kristi Charish has assured her place on my Auto-Read list. Very highly recommended!

About the Author

Kristi CharishKristi is the author of OWL AND THE JAPANESE CIRCUS (Jan 13th, 2015, Simon and Schuster Canada/Pocket Books), an urban fantasy about a modern-day “Indiana Jane” who reluctantly navigates the hidden supernatural world. She writes what she loves; adventure heavy stories featuring strong, savvy female protagonists, pop culture, and the occasional RPG fantasy game thrown in the mix. She’s also a co-host for the Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing Podcast.

The second installment in the Owl series, OWL AND THE CITY OF ANGELS, is scheduled for release Oct 5th 2015. Her second urban fantasy series, KINCAID STRANGE (Random House Canada), about a voodoo practitioner living in Seattle, is scheduled for release mid 2016.

Kristi is also a scientist with a BSc and MSc from Simon Fraser University in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and a PhD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia. Her specialties are genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology, all of which she draws upon in her writing. She is represented by Carolyn Forde at Westwood Creative Artists.

AISFP Podcast: http://www.adventuresinscifipublishin…

Review: Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister

Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister“You want to believe that there’s one relationship in life that’s beyond betrayal. A relationship that’s beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn’t.” – Caleb Carr

It was just supposed to be a bit of fun. Living in northern Sweden doesn’t exactly offer a plethora of entertainment options, so the idea of the GothFaire coming to town is exciting. And yes, exciting it was – especially when the guy Aoife meets at the faire starts talking about some funky things – like dragons and demons and all sorts of other weirdness. And then, even weirder things started to happen . . . and suddenly, Aoife finds herself locked up in “The Arvidsjaur Center for the Bewildered: Translation, the looney bin. Locked up by the sister she believed loved her, “for her own good”, Aoife spent two years suffering through what amounted to torture – including electroshock therapy. Now out of the nuthatch, Aoife is back in her home on the northern Swedish coast, isolated and alone, learning to live without the constant noise of seventy other inmates.

The thing is, Dr. Kara Barlind has decided that, in order for Aoife to gain total closure, she should visit the Gothfaire again. Oy. But, determined to be strong and in charge of her life, she visits the GothFaire again. Nothing there – but returning home? Well, let’s just say things get really exciting – and really, really bizarre. Like, “out of this world, OMG what I saw was real” sort of bizarre. Oh no, oh no, this can not be happening bizarre. Action, suspense, adventure, and a terrible betrayal keep Aoife and her new friends on the razor’s edge – and someone is liable to get cut.

Let’s face it. When I was offered this book for review, I expected something, well, less. A romantic urban fantasy with maybe a couple of twists. Instead, I got much, much more. Aoife is an unusual character. She has been through Abaddon (well, Hell, but Abaddon is the real name, so there ya go) over the last couple of years. Greatly loved by her Irish mother and Senegalese father, she has lost her parents to a Senegalese terrorist, her sister to the cruelty of locking her up, and her brother is far away and out of touch after her being locked up. And now, her life blows up one again. Demons and dragons and things that go bump in the night are all around, and Aoife appears to be their target.

There is a huge amount of fun in this story, which I completely enjoyed. Aoife has a sharp sense of humour, deep compassion, and equally deep strength. And a number of unusual made-up swear words that caused snorts and giggles. She is a bit obsessive, which got a little old a little quickly, but other than that, the book was a surprisingly strong new entry into Urban Fantasy – one that guarantees that I will be checking out other books by Katie MacAlister.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. If you like Urban Fantasy, dragons, and an interesting story, you should try this out.

If you like my reviews, I would really appreciate it if you would click “This review was helpful” on Amazon! Getting my reviews moved up helps the authors I review receive more attention. Thanks!

This title will be released on July 28, 2015.

The second book in the Dragon Fall Series, Dragon Storm, will be published November 24, 2015.

According to some (including himself), Constantine is one of the greatest heroes of dragonkin who ever lived. Too bad he’s now lonelier than ever and his biggest adventure involves a blow-up sheep-until he has an opportunity to save his kind once again. All Constantine has to do is break into a demon’s dungeon, steal an ancient artifact, and reverse a deadly curse. The plan certainly does not involve rescuing a woman . .


Tinker, And The World Of Elfhome – You HAVE To Read This Series!

Tinker: Elfhome, Book 1 | [Wen Spencer]On December 21 I noted in a post that Wen Spencer’s Elfhome series was out on Audible. Being a rabid lover of all things Spencer, and of Audio Books in general, I was thrilled.

Over the last few days I have listened to both Tinker and Wolf Who Rules and am more than happy to say that they didn’t disappoint – At. All. If you read my original review of Tinker back in July of 2013 you will read how much I enjoyed the first book. The blend of technology with magic completely charmed me. Magic, in the world of Elfhome, is based upon technology. Spencer delves into the world of quantum mechanics, chaos theory, physics, and various other sciences to build a world where Tinker, the heroine of the story and a junk yard owner, blends science with magic to create magical machines, like the hover bikes that made Wolf Who Rules: Elfhome, Book 2 | [Wen Spencer]her famous in a Philadelphia ripped out of our reality and transported to Elfhome by a mistake in quantum mechanics. A mistake made by her grandfather and extrapolated out to a Chinese space platform which allows travel between worlds. Philadelphians didn’t ask for their city to be transported – but now that it is, a new world of trade has been opened up, and Philadelphia transports monthly between Earth and Elfhome. Sooo interesting!!!

The narration, by Tanya Eby, is beautifully done, and fits the characters well. Tinker is a Elfhome: Elfhome, Book 3 | [Wen Spencer]very mature, very brilliant, eighteen – not a character I would normally identify with at her age, but being raised on another world, by a brilliant grandfather, makes her ‘older’ in some ways, while being incredibly naïve in others. She is an interesting blend of emotionally childlike and intellectually mature, and it shows in all of her actions.

Wolf Who Rules is the second installment of the series, continuing the story of Tinker and her interactions with the Elves whose world Elfhome is. There is danger, suspense, and mystery as there was in Tinker, but the story begins to expand beyond Tinker and her Wood Sprites: Elfhome, Book 4 | [Wen Spencer]cousin Oilcan, spreading out across space and time – and developing the storyline to include a war being waged against the evil (and they truly ARE evil, in the most disgusting and painful manner) Oni – true monsters from another, massively overpopulated word, who are determined to take over Earth and Elfhome, destroying both humans and elves. Complete savages, they can nonetheless breed with humans – a situation that leaves human women at risk, and half-human/half-Oni on the razors edge, brutalized by the Oni and hunted by the Elves. Betrayed by a friend, causing her capture by the Oni, can Tinker rescue herself before she is forced to open a new gate between worlds, allowing the Oni to capture both Earth and Elfhome? Will she be able to save the humans, the Elves, the half-Oni, and a new, previously unknown slave race being brutalized by the Oni?

Wyvern (Elfhome, #0.5)Action, adventure, suspense – it’s all here in spades in the series. Elfhome and Wood Sprites are the two books of the series I still have to read that are available on I am thrilled to see that there are two “Shorts” also available that are set in the Elfhome world. Wyvern is a prequel of sorts, set in the world of Elfhome shortly after “Startup” – when Philadelphia is first brought over to Elfhome. Blue Sky is the story of human John Montana and his brother, Blue Sky, a half-sekasha – one of the elven warrior class who protects the leaders of Elfhome – a class which is above the law, and who are a danger to Blue Sky. Can Tinker protect Blue Sky and John? This story is set after Wolf Who Rules and it is highly recommended that you read that novel before picking up this short or you may spoil your read of WWR. I am about to pick it up now that I have listened to Wolf.Blue Sky (Elfhome book, #2.5)

I highly recommend this series!!!!!!!!! Especially if you like listening to your books as much as you enjoy reading them.

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