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My 1,000th Post! Wow

stay-in-bed-lady-dog-laptopI just realized that I just wrote my 1,000th post. Wow. Sitting here tonight, that milestone brings to mind all the wonderful people I have met during this time. Authors and readers, gardeners, quilters, knitters. I have edited lots of books, reviewed even more, and made some wonderful friends.

So, THANK YOU to all of you who have trusted me with your books. And THANK YOU as well to all the people I have met and who have been so positive and friendly and wonderful. I have met friends, and a couple I have lost during this time to cancer, the same disease that nearly took my own life. I have been supported, laughed and cried, and have tried to give back the same support I have received. We have all suffered loss and all enjoyed successes. We have laughed, and sometimes we have cried. And through it all, I have been so very happy to know all of you! And I look forward to more laughter, more joy, and more excitement over the next 1,000 posts!

1,000 Posts

My Guilty Pleasure-The Bobcat’s Tale by Georgette St. Clair

bobcatI was really exhausted this morning after working all night and well into the day. So, when I crawled into bed at 2PM, I grabbed my reader to do a bit of what I call my “selfish” reading. Usually PNR, it allows me to relax, have a cup of decaf tea, and prepare myself for sleep.

Flipping through my PNR shelf, I came across The Bobcat’s Tale” by Georgette St. Clair. Now you have to realize, that shelf is all books that I have read in the past and enjoyed as a little self indulgence. Pulling it up, my brain went “Ah-HA!” You see, I knew I had read something of hers before and had really liked it. But since her readers have mostly become the BDSM crowd, I haven’t read anything by her lately. Ugh. Shiver. Anyway! I read longer than I should have this afternoon, then didn’t wake till 1AM, sigh. But it was worth it. If you have self confidence issues, pick this one up. If you like a good BBW PNR, pick this up. Just pick it up, will ya? This isn’t brain surgery, but it is certainly relaxing, and fun to boot. With a bit of a mystery tossed in as well.


I just finished “The Bobcat’s Tale” by Georgette St. Clair. I had read it quite some time ago, and ran across it again while I was organizing my shelves. The book really touched a very hurt part of me. Like the main character, Lainey, I had a very rough family life, very similar to hers. I always heard “fat, stupid and lazy!” Pretty much like Lainey. Well, I may have had curves, but I was far from stupid, though I admit to being somewhat lazy 😉

So often we are bullied into being something we are not, when what we are is perfectly fine, just as it is. I really admire Ms. St. Clair for writing a book which helped me understand that, just because I am not perfect in someone else’s eyes, I can be perfectly who I am!

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