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Hey! What Happened Here?!

Remember that 70+ degree weather, dragging lumber around to build boxes, and laying out in the sun? Well. . . this is today:20150325_100958

There is a good happening to report – – see the wood that is on the ground between the tree and the boxes? A neighbor down the way has their son down from the north and he is putting in a new kitchen for them. The had a bad leak in their walls apparently. Anyway, I scored a BUNCH of lumber out of the dumpster bags!! A lot of 4″x8″ lumber, some 4″ x 4″, and a bunch of smaller stuff that I can use as bracing for the raised bed walls. I also scored a kitchen counter top as well as a huge piece that has an edging along the back side that will be the perfect bottom shelf for the Potting Bench, enough 1x to at least get a good start on my Obelisk for my beans, DIY Potting Bench built from fence boards for $45, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comif not finish it completely, and I even pulled out enough longer offcuts to possibly build another garden bed.

The Queen of the Dumpster Divers Strikes Again!

The “kid” didn’t think much of the SOLID MAPLE cabinet doors, so he threw them out . . . they are in the contractor bag underneath the one I scavenged the lumber from (and I can tell there is lumber in THAT bag too… drool… ) so I am watching like a hawk for the contractor garbage company to come around. As soon as they do (I SO hope I catch them!!!) when they pull off the top bag I am hoping to pull out the cabinet doors to take to Habitat for Humanity (they are really GORGEOUS pieces!!! I pulled four small, overhead cabinet doors out of the top bag and there isn’t a scratch on them. He thought they were “cheap.” Must be nice to be a contractor in the North East where solid maple is “cheap”) And of course score some more lumber for my projects!Easy DIY Garden Obelisk,

Oh, and I was sent a great gardening book by the publisher!! The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb. The book has plans for layouts based on your size availability, from 4’x4′ ground or box layout to how to plant veggies in pots and other containers. Then she covers soil mixes, preparing soil if you are planting straight into the ground, when and how to plant, how to water and feed for your plants health and happiness, and even information on heirlooms! If you don’t know the difference, heirlooms are plants that have been around for years, or centuries, in basically the same form, without some whacked-out plant scientist trying to do things like create square tomatoes that pack more efficiently in boxes for shipping or contain enough chemicals and GMO materials that they can sit on the shelf for 100 years and still be “fresh”. UGH!!!! No, they don’t ship well, and you won’t really find them on your supermarket shelf – though if you hunt, a lot of small farmers are making heirlooms available at farmers markets, and they TASTE. WONDERFUL. Fresh, clean flavours that, if you have only eaten supermarket veggies your your life you probably won’t even recognize as the veg you are used to – the flavours of heirloom veggies and herbs grown in clean soil without chemicals will blow you away!

Postage Stamp even covers plants that like each other (tomatoes loves carrots!), how to naturally control pests such as aphids and plant diseases, and how to start (and keep healthy) your own compost piles, bins, or waste cans.

I have had a lot of gardening books over time, and this is a really good one for the small-space gardener.

So. Since it is snowing out… guess it is time to go back to work! I have books for editing on my desk – and several reviews!


Make Ahead Bread: 100 Recipes for Melt-in-Your-Mouth Fresh Bread Every Day by Donna Currie

20578283OK. Can I just say this? Bacon, Tomato, and Cheddar Loaf. Pile on the thick sliced pepper bacon, heirloom tomato and crispy romaine lettuce. Now THAT is what I am talking about! French toast with the Rich Egg and Butter Loaf, served hot and steaming with real maple syrup and hand churned butter makes a wonderful breakfast or brunch. Of course, there are the Chocolate Croissants!!!! Made with single-origin deeply dark chocolate, hot and buttery, with a rich Earl Grey tea . . .  Ohhhh. Yum!

Each of these bread recipes are not only simple to make, you can make up the doughs and refrigerate, the on a Sunday morning slip the dough into a preheated oven to bake. Brew a pot of tea, pull out your favorite book and quilt, slice up your bread and serve with one of the simple handmade butters and jams in the book. What could be better?! Well, a little Satie or Bach on the stereo . . .

I used to love making bread – especially when my insomnia was really bad, or I needed to think. I don’t know how I got away from that habit – but this book is encouraging me to start the habit again.

Make Ahead Bread was a gift from the publisher in return for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. Enjoy!

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