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Dream Job: Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager by Janet Garber

dream job

This sounds like a hoot, and it is on my read list, but with my schedule right now it will be a couple weeks before I get to it – so I wanted to share the press release and links. If you read it before me – let me know what you think!



Single and sexless Melie Kohl strives to keep order at the out-of-control Axis Mundi Medical Center, which is swarming with buttock-grabbing doctors, hebephrenic staff and monstrous bosses, all while trying to find a life of her own in author Janet Garber’s new novel, “Dream Job: Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager.”

As the story unfolds, Melie runs into a little murder here, some cancer there, a handsome devil and rivals, not all of whom are human, like Gladys, the first parrot-woman gladiator. Through it all, Melie won’t give up until she has sorted it all out – the hunk, the macaw and her life’s work.

Garber says she wrote the book after being inspired with a “burning need to inject humor into my day-to-day existence.”

Dream Job, Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager

By Janet Garber

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 178 pages | ISBN 9781483447476

E-Book | 178 pages | ISBN 9781483447469

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Lulu the Author*

Janet Garber’s nonfiction work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including the Wall Street Journal’s Vertical Network, New York Times, New York Post, Jewish Week, NeworldReview, HR Magazine and Working Mother Magazine. In 2001, Silver Lining Press brought out her nonfiction book, “I Need a Job, Now What?” and rereleased it as “Getting a Job” by Barnes & Noble Basics. Of late, her fiction and poetry have appeared in a few dozen literary journals. She received a bachelor’s degree from Queens College in New York and a master’s in English from the University of Rochester. She’s had a long career in human resources while moonlighting as a freelance journalist, fiction writer and poet. You can visit her and learn more at


Buy now at in paperback or e-book.

Review: Vidalia: A ‘Not-Quite’ Vampire Love Story by Julia Mills

27232419“And what? Accidentally cuts off three fingers postmortem? ‘Oops, oh, no, my girlfriend just died! Clumsy me, in trying to perform CPR, I chopped off some fingers! Guess I’ll just take them with me…. Oh, darn, where did that middle finger go?” ― Barry Lyga, I Hunt Killers

(OK, Fine, FINE! The quote has nothing to do with the story line. But hey, it’s funny, right? Right? Oh well. It must just be me. Snort.)

After spending last night (and let’s face it – all morning as well before I fell over and finally slept) with a book filled with tension I wanted to

read something ‘light and fluffy’ to come down off the ‘high’ of having my eyes glued to the page all night. Julia Mills’ Vidalia: A ‘Not-Quite’ Vampire Love Story seemed right up my alley for a light read. I added the books to my tablet the other day after receiving a note from her that the books were now on KU to be read for free. Of course, ‘book’ is a bit too strong. This is a 13,000 word short, just right to read over my tea and bagel out on the porch (hooray… no snow today!)

Vidalia is the heiress to the Vidalia onion fortune, but she isn’t like any heiress I have had the pleasure to read before. A medical examiner in Buckhead Georgia, Vidalia is a true ‘Southern Lady’ through and through. Well, except for the fact that she is ‘not-quite’ a vampire. You see, her granddaddy was a philanderer, just like so many “Southern Gentlemen.” (Cough.) Of course, he should have kept it in his pants instead of sticking it into a thousand year old gypsy/vampire saloon dancer. Oops. Being cursed as a vampire (who can’t grow fangs, hence the ‘not-quite’ in the title) is rather embarrassing for a genteel Southern lady, but hey, she is living with it quite nicely overall, especially with her handsome cop (vampire) boyfriend hanging around. Until the bodies start dropping (literally) from high-rises, drained of blood and with their throats slit.

The story is quick, often humorous, and I truly liked Vidalia. A quick, relaxing, fun read that was just the ticket over breakfast!


Review: Pane and Suffering by Cheryl Hollon #HobbyRead #StainedGlass

Pane and SufferingIt hurts, so much, when you realize that you should have spent time with your loved one – and now it is too late. That is what happened to Savannah. She thought she had all the time in the world to catch up with her father, to spend time with him. She was so caught up in her life in Seattle, working as a glass blower, setting up her two-person show, and spending time with her friends that she never really paid attention to what was going on in his life – to the warnings she didn’t catch until it was too late.

And now, it is too late. Her father is gone. And when Savannah comes back to Florida to turn his stained glass business over to Hugh, her father’s long-time friend and coworker, suddenly Hugh is dead as well. Heart attacks? At first it seems so. But when Savannah receives a threat, and things start going sideways, suddenly things aren’t what they seemed. Savannah is in danger, her father’s business is being fought over by two slimy men, a property developer and a rival of her father’s in the glass business, and Savannah has to rely on new friends to help her find the truth.

Her father left her clues. A former Cold War senior cryptographer for the US government, he was all about paranoia and secrets, games and puzzles. And unless Savannah can solve this last puzzle, she may not survive to return to Seattle. And she certainly can’t depend on the cop who the police department sends around – he just pats her on the head and condescends. Pft.

“Pane and Suffering” is very much a “hobby read.” As someone who enjoyed stained glass for many years, I truly enjoyed the story as Savannah spends her time teaching a beginning stained glass course while trying to find out who might have killed her father and Hugh. Ms. Hollon’s knowledge of the craft shone through and took be back to when I was first learning. Her characters are funny and believable, her ‘slimy’ men creeped me out, and young Jacob, her father’s apprentice who has Asperger’s Syndrome, clutched at my heart. Add in a palette of colorful students, a handsome Brit pub owner next door who seems to have an agenda of his own, and a fairly fast moving story and it kept me interested through the whole book. This isn’t some romantic “HEA” book – the ending was very good, as Savannah learns and grows, and there is an hea – a quite interesting, funny one.

If you like hobby reads, cozy mysteries, and interesting female characters, check this one out.

I received Pane and Suffering from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. And it has a nice cover too!

Shards of Murder (A Webb's Glass Shop Mystery #2)

The next book is Shards of Murder, the second book in the Webb Glass Shop Mystery Series.

How To Keep Sparkly Emo Vampires Off Your Lawn

To tell you true, I haven’t read this book. But I have picked it up and put it in my “That sounds REALLY funny, for when I need a good giggle” pile.  I mean, who hasn’t had this exact same thought?!?!

How To Keep Sparkly Emo Vampires Off Your Lawn
Mike Cooley
3.4 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Humor & Satire

FREE for a limited time

Back in the day, we never had a problem with these pesky sparkly vampires. Oh, we would get an occasional deer in the yard, or a squirrel, or even a raccoon, but never vampires. It was a peaceful, quiet little town in the Pacific Northwest called Spoon. We never caused anyone any trouble and they left us well enough alone.

But those days are gone. Now these emo vampires are everywhere. Not to mention those dang waxing werewolves. It’s getting to the point where you can’t even have a beer in the backyard without some blood sucking freak moping about.

Click here to get this book for FREE

Review: Try Me On For Size By Stephanie Haefner

Classy & Sassy! Both the name of our lingerie shop, and the very much kickin’ Classy & Sassy ladies who run it. Well, Mia is the Classy, and Bryn is the Sassy, but you get the point!trymeon

The problem, however, is that the lingerie shop that Mia and Bryn have poured their hearts and souls into isn’t doing so well. And to save it, they have to move “outside the bras and panties” – in a rather big way. And “big” being the operative terminology, when they decide to start a new “personal massager” line – with the model being the ‘spokes penis’ – making personal appearances as well as the model for the perfectly molded product.

Of course, finding the perfect model requires a “test drive” – and of the five potential models Mia and Bryn choose, as Bryn is still recovering from the death of her soldier husband, Classy Mia draws the short straw – taking on the test drives of the potential spokes penises. What happens next is at times hysterical, certainly awkward, and, oh, did I mention funny? Especially when Mia hits it off right away with the first model – who isn’t actually the model she thought he was at all!

There is a lot to love in the humour of the book, but there is some really harsh reality as well. The terror of the small business owner on the edge of losing her business and snobbish and vicious family who will go to any lengths to ascertain that family who doesn’t fall into the family line doesn’t succeed.

While this is a light, romantic book it also shows a rather brilliant bit of social and familial reality which I found gave it a depth not often found in these sorts of ‘light romances.’ If this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to buy the book.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own.

Review: Gnome Wars – A FUNNY Amazon Freebie!

You have to read this. 19 pages of laughing till tears run down your cheeks!

I giggled. Now, I am not a giggle girl, but I. Giggled. FUNNY!

Gnome Wars (Adventures of the Fae Realm) by Barbra Annino was a giggle a minute, and I loved it. Very short, only 19 pages, the story of Leroy the Gnome (OK, OK, he is a Brownie, but Dang, he sure Looks like a Garden Gnome) and his poor apartment-mate, Doug, is hysterical.

Shorts are a great way to meet new authors and meeting Barbra this way was a perfect introduction to her work. It is funny, free, and well worth the short amount of time it took to read it. And I will absolutely be looking into her works more closely.

I think I will try My Guardian Idiot next – how fun does THAT sound?

Look What M. K. Clinton Won!!!!!!

Congratulations M. K. Clinton!!!!!!


The Returns. 4.7 stars on 146 reviews. $2.99. Action. Adventure. Humor.


If you haven’t read it yet, you should! If you love happy, humourous, wonderful books, this one is great! It is being read to everyone from retirement home residents, children, even prison residents – making everyone smile!!!!!


CUTE!!!!! Bentley and Pierre read their books

Boys with booksCUTE!!!!!! Bentley (left with “The Returns”) and Pierre (right, with “The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers”) are enjoying their own, personalized copies of their books! How cute is THAT?!?!

M. K.’s husband, Skipper, is the artist. I couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you – don’t we all need a dose of “cute and adorable” every day?!?! You ROCK, boys!


The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers is out in paperback on Amazon!
The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers is out in paperback on Amazon!

The holidays are nearly here, and what better gift than beautiful copies of SHOWSTOPPERS for all your friends and family? Heartwarming, funny, and all around lovable, these canine companions, along with their Angel Guardian, her Angel Mentor, and their favorite FBI Agent are on another adventure!

Travel with them, from New Orleans to New York as they track down the evil people who are kidnapping famous show dogs!

The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers is out in paperback on Amazon! Click the link above and you can purchase copies for everyone on your list!


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