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The Glass Gargoyle (The Lost Ancients #1) by Marie Andreas

The Glass Gargoyle (The Lost Ancients #1)“Faërie contains many things besides elves and fays, and besides dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants, or dragons; it holds the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky; and the earth, and all things that are in it: tree and bird, water and stone, wine and bread, and ourselves, mortal men, when we are enchanted.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, Tolkien on Fairy-stories

 Archaeologist Taryn St. Giles just can’t catch a break. Her last few patrons died or disappeared on her, Crusty Bucket is drunk again, and some jerk started a fight in the Shimmering Dewdrop. On a Tuesday night, no less! And to top it off? The same jerk who started the fight is the character she has been trying to find all day. Well, if she can’t work as an archaeologist, she has to do something. And at least being a bounty hunter puts food on the table and keeps a roof over their heads. Yes, I said “their.” As in, Taryn, the aforementioned Crusty Bucket, Garbage Blossom and Leaf Grub. Taryn never asked to be the caretaker of faeries, but now that she is, keeping them in line is a job and a half.

This is a great story. So strange, so fun, so much laughter. . . Just my thing. Taryn lives on a world where ‘once upon a time’ left ruins. As in, Elf ruins. She has been fascinated by the ruins since childhood, and all she has ever wanted to do is learn about the elves. How they lived, how they thought. But without a patron, there is no digging for Taryn. When a well-respected professor decides to be her patron, Taryn is at first thrilled. But then things get really weird. And everything everyone thought about the elves, their ruins, and reality may never be the same. Oops.

This book was a true pleasure to read, and I very much look forward to the next. Laughter is good!

Review: Where You Least Expect by Lydia Rowan

24621312What a pleasure to expect one thing, and get something better. Lydia Rowan’s Where You Least Expect (Thornehill Springs Book 1) was one such surprise. Looking at the cover, you expect “typical” boy meets girl, blah blah blah, they both live happily ever after. I mean, come on. The whole naked six-pack thing on the cover pretty much sets the expectations.

This was more than that – surprisingly more. It is about the damage family can do to you. How their disrespect and bullying can strip down the soul, leading you to true self-hatred. How learning to stand up and say “no more” can be the hardest thing in the world to do. And how wonderful it feels to finally be able to stand up and say Enough! It takes Verna a while to stand up to her abusive father and doormat mother, but when she does, it is realistic and empowering. It isn’t immediate, and she has fallbacks, but with help from Joe, she begins the process. Of course Joe has his own issues, issues that cause him to hurt Verna viciously, but he still starts her on her way to gathering up her life and making it her own. Of course she forgives him (much too quickly to my mind, but this is a romance so, sigh, I suppose it is to be expected.)

You get the idea that Verna is African American and Joe white, but that is never addressed except for the very instance that caused Joe to hurt Verna so badly. Being a curvy woman, and tall as well, is hard on Verna’s self-esteem, but it isn’t really overdone as it is with so many other books that encourage the idea of “curvy is good”. I am not saying curvy is bad, just that some authors want to bash you over the head with it, where Rowan touches on it as a part of the overall psychological abuse Verna has suffered all through her life.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the book. It isn’t War and Peace but it pleased me.

Review: Worlds of Obsession (A Celtic Otherworlds Novel) – Kella McKinnon

It was the morning of her twenty-sixth birthday, and Liv Johnston couldn’t shake the feeling that today was no ordinary day. Thus begins a supernatural romp through the streets of Glasgow, with side stops that cross dimensions and lead to worlds within worlds that a simple internet advertising office plodder, sending out emails that people hated to receive and tossed without a thought. But today is, truly, no ordinary day.

Out the door on her way to work, Liv is interrupted by a courier – a courier with a very strange message, instructing her to fly from her home in Boston to Glasgow, and there to proceed to a certain house, on a certain street. Along with the message, there is an even stranger package. The Celtic Myths and Legends, by C.L. Dryfus. Huh? What in the world could it all mean?

Tossing it all aside to think about later, Liv gets to her office, only to find that her job has been made redundant, as have the jobs of everyone else in her branch of the company. Well, darn. So, having a bit of savings, and an encouraging friend, Liv hops a plane to Glasgow, certain this must be some sort of joke – but who could resist a bit of mystery and adventure? Especially when you don’t have a ‘day job’ and could really use a bit of vacation.

Liv soon finds that life, as she knows it, will never be the same. Thrust into a world she neither knows or understands, she still somehow feels at home, safe and secure. Though she truly is neither safe nor secure – and things are about to get a lot weirder.

The hero character and love interest is Bastien, a Fomoiri Demon. Having lost his love over two hundred years ago, Bastien has withdrawn into himself and become even more of what he is – a warrior for the Guild, a group whose sole purpose is the protection of humans from the dark, whether it be physically or in the form of knowledge of the other races.

Liv is a strong character, taking her new situation in stride while showing a lot of backbone and more than a bit of temper. I really liked that about her. She takes no nonsense, and doesn’t fawn and whine over Bastien, the (of course) hunky and drool-worthy Demon. She handles herself well under the circumstances and doesn’t back down from anyone – even a bad tempered, hostile Demon who is determined to cut her out of Bastien’s life – and out of life all together.

There are great women characters in the book. A meddling Witch, Carman: Carman had worked for ages to build a solid reputation as an evil Witch so that most other beings, especially humans, left her alone to do as she pleased.” I loved her to pieces, good hearted (though inept) meddling and all. Leanan is the mother of all Vampires, has a wicked sense of humour and is more than willing to get into trouble right alongside Carman. Well, she is the mother of the good Vampires, that is. Those bad ones? They are called Droch Fhola, and are the descendants of Abhartach. . . Well, that is a whole other story. Then there is the Kelpie, the Grandmother who isn’t a grandmother at all, and one bad ass Warrior Goddess with a nasty attitude and an even worse temper. How cool is all that?

If you are into erotic covers, I suppose it is ok. If you want to know what the story is about, ignore the cover and read the book. Great women characters!!!

The only thing I didn’t like about the book, honestly, is the cover. TERRIBLE cover for this particular book. Yes, yes, you are all pretty with your naked, oiled up chest. Get over it. This book is more about Liv than the not-quite-bright Demon Boy. And yet, she is nowhere to be found on the cover! That stinks. Really. Ok, right, fine. Some people want to get all hot and bothered over covers, and Demon Boy is pretty as a ‘picture,’ I will give you that. But this is a LOT more than erotica, and the cover really blows for a book with a good story line and great characters. I hope it gets changed, but I won’t hold my breath.

I received this book from Bookplex in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Yippee! Beta Reading Book Three – The Pierced Series by J. C. Mells

Perfect Cover 2
The cover for “Perfect” – Book three of the J. C. Mells “Pierced” series!

Just finished the Beta and, OMFG!!! J. C. does it again – another brilliant story full of pain and hate, love and understanding and a tremendous cast of characters. Watch here – I will let you know as soon as I know when it is coming out – and you have to read this book! Of course, if you haven’t read the first ones, you have to read those too- – – these are too good to miss!

Thanks, J. C. Mells!!!


“Can’t live with him, can’t live without him.”

Never have these words seemed more true to Pierce as she deals with the aftermath of Salt Lake City. She and Lucas can’t seem to stay apart from each other for very long without the night panics happening again – but being together is almost as torturous. Will her past ever allow her to be intimate with him? Can she afford to let her guard down and allow herself to be happy? She’s still suffering from the post-traumatic stress of what happened to her the last time she did that.

But on the plus side, their little town of Nowhere is coming along in leaps and bounds. So much so, that it has appeared on the radar of the wolf community. Or at least Pierce’s presence has.

Suddenly it seems like Nowhere is THE place to be these days..

Who is Pierce?


Keep your eyes open – I will post when the book is published!

CUTE!!!!! Bentley and Pierre read their books

Boys with booksCUTE!!!!!! Bentley (left with “The Returns”) and Pierre (right, with “The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers”) are enjoying their own, personalized copies of their books! How cute is THAT?!?!

M. K.’s husband, Skipper, is the artist. I couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you – don’t we all need a dose of “cute and adorable” every day?!?! You ROCK, boys!

TWO Happy Dances!!

Click the cover to purchase!

The amazing Jillian Klein Der Lowe just shot me an e-mail letting me know that her book, Wicked, just hit the #3 spot in her genre on Amazon!!

Icon courtesy of
Thank you!

Click the cover to grab the book from Amazon FOR FREE!!!! Then, of course, after you have read it, I am sure Jillian would love a review. (Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge!)  My review is here in case you want to refresh or haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet.

Congratulations, Jillian!!

Now, for even MORE good news, we turn to another wonderful author, J. C. Mells, author of the Pierced series.

J. C. is happy to announce that her next book in the series, Pinked is nearing the end of editing, and will be out soon! Pinked continues the adventures of Pierce and Mia, a fascinating pair, with a story that is one of the most interesting I have read in recent memory.  Watch for the review here, and for publication at Amazon soon. Until then, you really MUST pick up your own copy of Pierced! Click on the book cover to order. My review is hereIt is only 99c right now, and J. C. is sure to be a wonderful addition to your ‘must-buy-as-soon-as-published’  author list!

Also, be sure to pick up a copy of Escaped, volume 1.5 of the Pierced series! It is also only 99c for a short time at Amazon.

Congratulations, J. C.!

Shrieking and Jumping up and down! J. C. just sent along the cover for PINKED!!!

Drool worthy, huh?  Click on the cover to see the video trailer!PINKED BC3

J. C. just sent me the cover!
Click on it for the YouTube Video
for the upcoming book!
For now, Pierced is only 99c at Amazon.
Click cover to order!
Click to purchase from Amazon!
Only 99c for a short time.
You KNOW you won’t be able to live without it
after reading Pierced!

Review: Wicked by Jillian Kleine Der Löwe (A Seven Deadly Sins Novel, Book 1)

Click the cover to purchase the book.
Come on, Live a little! Do it!
You KNOW you want to!!!

When was there placed before your eyes the idea of most fervent love, the male and female embracing each other so closely that they could no more be torn asunder, but through unsearchable love became one?  – Arthur Edward Waite The Golden Tract

After a few weeks of tweaking and tightening with Jillian, as her proofreader and editor, Jillian proudly placed Wicked on for sale. She should be proud! This is a wonderful, wildly creative novel. Jillian has a very distinctive voice in this novel. Her turn of phrase is enhanced by a ‘wicked’ sense of humour as she carries you back through billions of years of creation – then turns creation on it’s head.

In Wicked angels and demons and creation (oh, my!) have been around since the Big Bang (yes, there really was one of those, you mean you really doubted it?). How boring is that, the same old same old, eon after eon? One must what one must, and if you are a Half-Angel, Half-Demon, Half-Elf and Half-Goddess (hum? Yes, yes, that is quarters, but then, you weren’t there when it happened, were you?) and have lived as long as Sev has (well, that isn’t really her name, but hey, if you, well, wouldn’t you get bored and want to change your name too?) and you are stuck on Earth for no reason you can remember, it sucks to be tasked by grandpa Yahweh to kill off your husband, Lucifer. Yes, that Lucifer. Hum? Didn’t know Lucifer was married? Oh, yea, baby! The love of the millenniums, don’t ya’ know.

What follows is by turns funny, sad, exciting and ultimately awe-inspiring. Angels and demons are, after all, just human in their own way, right? That whole ‘created by the same creator’ clause in the contract. With all the shortcomings, pain, longing and heartache any self-respecting celestial being should suffer. The metaphysical equivalent of Romeo and Juliet, Sev suffers as she pines for her great love, Luc, while Luc himself suffers the slings and arrows of self-flagellation, longing for things that were and were not, and should never have come to pass, if it ever really did and it wasn’t just a figment of his imagination. Or Sev’s. Or maybe Yahweh’s.

Overall, this is a metaphysical romp of the ‘well, yes, that’s what was said, but realllllly’ sort that was both exciting and frustrating to edit. Well, what can I say? No contractions?! I guess being a celestial being trying to speak English without an accent is sort of irritating, huh?

If you have a wicked sense of humour, this is definitely the book for you. If you don’t have a wicked sense of humour? Grow one. You really don’t want to miss this tour-d-force of laughs, snide commentary, misunderstandings on a universal scale and moments of great and abiding love. Throw all your expectations out the window of the Enterprise NCC-1701A (Hey, I like originals) at warp eleven, settle in, and enjoy. You won’t regret it!

Highly recommended.

Review: The Returns – M. K. Clinton

Click picture to order book!

I got a tremendous amount of enjoyment from this book. Very clever and HIGHLY entertaining! It gives the term “good fun” a whole new twist, as an Angel, a cat and four wonderfully believable dogs (oh, and one FBI agent) struggle to bring a really, really bad man to justice!

The dogs characterizations were spot-on. I could hear and see these guys in my head the whole time I was reading. Have I said it was funny? Ah, the pictures in my head! If you are a dog lover, this is absolutely a book you should read. The characters of the dogs are perfect for their breeds, as well as for the personalities of the people they used to be. Back before they had an “oops” moment that sent them to the “Heavenly Returns Department” upstairs. Oh, well, even angels make the occasional mistake!

If you have a great sense of humour, a good attitude and the ability to “make yourself comfortable” with dogs who sew costumes, work on car engines and generally behave like I can imagine my own dogs behaving, don’t miss this one. I am eagerly watching for the next!

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