And another strong heroine bites the dust…. sigh.

Jane is raped, tortured and betrayed by everyone she held dear. Beast was raped, tortured and betrayed, and is now enslaved. And you people think this is good? The total annihilation of yet another strong female character?

Hunter did a crap job in this one. Leo sent her to Ashville to do a job, she protected herself from death, and protected his scions also, and she was punished for it.

A man breaks into her room in a hotel while she is sleeping, naked, and shoots at her, TWICE, before she responds, so SHE is guilty of starting a war, NOT him. Yet she is punished by the most vile rape scene I have had the unhappiness of witnessing in an author I used to respect.

And then, Hunter has Leo give and take Jane’s blood – – – which, remind me if I am wrong, turned the last Skinwalker into a raving lunatic. So, she is going to use the vaunted next three novels she was just awarded for this stupidity into us watching Jane turn into a raving lunatic, killing and eating humans until she is hunted down and destroyed?

Hunter has lost my respect, and my money. I am sickened and disappointed, not only by the turn the books took, but by the number of people who found this sort of rape and destruction of a once strong character both exciting and wonderful. Where are your minds, people? I don’t know what is worse – the fact that I am so deeply sickened by the people that liked this book, or the fact that I am so deeply HURT by Hunter’s betrayal of her character – and her betrayal of me, as a reader.

I liked and admired Hunter’s portrayal of Jane Yellowrock. She has known more pain in her life than any one person should have to stand. She lost her life, her friends, her self respect, and yet still she helped people, she met her responsibilities, and she gave of her heart, her body and her soul. Everyone. EVERYONE. Betrayed her. And yet she soldiered on, only to be demeaned, raped, and tossed aside like a used come rag. And everyone read it and called it good. I suppose I feel so deeply betrayed because I, like Jane, have been so brutally betrayed through my life. I too was used, betrayed, and thrown aside. Brutalized and yet I still tried to do my best. I Identified with Jane’s strength and caring. Only to have her turned into a broken mess, with even Beast ripped from her, chained to Leo, a prisoner in her own mind. Her life, her very soul, is destroyed. Sort of like mine.

I suppose I shouldn’t allow myself to become so tied in with a character in a book. But with my own life of pain and betrayal, I had found a friend in Jane. Through Hunter’s betrayal of her character, I have again been betrayed. It hurts. And it is a sad, sad thing…