So, I Read This Book Today

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Ivee Olivares

I just don’t get it……


If you look at my “Recommendations from My Clients” page, you will see that the floral line that should be between Mark Henwick and Ivee Olivares is actually stuck up by Hidden Trump. I worked on that page ALL NIGHT LONG….. (tearing hair out and screaming) . . . and it STILL looks like that!

I researched, (WordPress sucks big time for any really useful information) all over the web, but no luck.

So. Anyone have any ideas? I am at the end of my rope!!

Drawing courtesy of Carlia


Happy Dance! Watch For These New Books, Out Soon!!!



I know I have been lax in posting reviews – but I have a wonderful excuse!

I just finished the final edit of Susan Bliler’s Skin Walkers:York, the final proofread for Megan Ciana Doidge’s Treasures, Demons and Other Black MagicĀ and, finally, the final edit on Ivee Olivares wonderful The Effervescence of Truth.

Now, how lucky am I?

Keep an eye out here – I will be posting reviews right before publication of each book!

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