Classy & Sassy! Both the name of our lingerie shop, and the very much kickin’ Classy & Sassy ladies who run it. Well, Mia is the Classy, and Bryn is the Sassy, but you get the point!trymeon

The problem, however, is that the lingerie shop that Mia and Bryn have poured their hearts and souls into isn’t doing so well. And to save it, they have to move “outside the bras and panties” – in a rather big way. And “big” being the operative terminology, when they decide to start a new “personal massager” line – with the model being the ‘spokes penis’ – making personal appearances as well as the model for the perfectly molded product.

Of course, finding the perfect model requires a “test drive” – and of the five potential models Mia and Bryn choose, as Bryn is still recovering from the death of her soldier husband, Classy Mia draws the short straw – taking on the test drives of the potential spokes penises. What happens next is at times hysterical, certainly awkward, and, oh, did I mention funny? Especially when Mia hits it off right away with the first model – who isn’t actually the model she thought he was at all!

There is a lot to love in the humour of the book, but there is some really harsh reality as well. The terror of the small business owner on the edge of losing her business and snobbish and vicious family who will go to any lengths to ascertain that family who doesn’t fall into the family line doesn’t succeed.

While this is a light, romantic book it also shows a rather brilliant bit of social and familial reality which I found gave it a depth not often found in these sorts of ‘light romances.’ If this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to buy the book.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own.