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Review: Smoke on the Water – Final Book of The Sisters of the Craft – Lori Handeland

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Four-hundred years. Infant Willow Black was sent four-hundred years, to today, this time and place, a place “without magic.” A place where she and her sisters, triplets all, can be safe. But now, Willow is an inmate of the Northern Wisconsin Mental Health Facility – i.e., the loony bin. Not so safe after all.
To save their daughters from slaughter at the hands of McHugh, an evil, vicious “witch hunter” Henry and Pru willing gave their lives in the flames of the pyre in order to send their daughters forward in time – to a time when no one believes in witches. But the thing is, now time is rolling back around again – and the evil of those who call themselves “hunters of evil” yet are truly the most evil of all, have brought McHugh back into the world, spreading slaughter and fire in their wake.
Today, magic has been overrun by technology. But Wiccans still exist – Wiccans, whose one immutable law is “Harm None”. The followers of McHugh, the Venatores Mali, are so cruel that those who harm none are considered evil by those who commit the most evil of deeds in the name of so-called ‘good’. Such twisted minds, that ritual slaughter of innocents is considered godly.
McHugh is back. Reborn into the world, his followers gathered around him. And now, the three girls, Raye, an Air Witch, Becca, an animal communicator, and now Willow, Water Witch and the third of the triplets, must work together to stop the Hunters, to send McHugh back to the darkness.
“Ignorance. Illiteracy. Hubris and insecurity, mad obsession. Once upon a time, long ago, in the bad, ignorant, evil times of King James and his Danish queen, there was a great storm. James, an ignorant, religious fool, thought to himself, “Such a storm can only have been caused by witchcraft!” And in his ignorance and fear, he called to himself Roland McHugh, witch hunter, who he placed in charge of a secret society, known as Venatores Mali – Hunters of Evil. And from those savage beginnings there began an age of slaughter, of blood and death of innocents such as hearkened to war. And Roland McHugh spread his evil across Europe, spraying blood and hatred in his path. . . Roland McHugh – who, according to his Wikipedia entry, “had burned more witches than anyone in history.” (My words, not the author’s)

This is the third, and final, book of the Sisters of the Craft series. You can read my reviews for books one and two at tinyurl (dot) com/p8yvpat . I enjoyed all three of the books. They easily fit within the Paranormal Romance category, but they can also fit well within Urban Fantasy. The storylines are interesting, the characters well designed, and the meld of history and fiction is quite good.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. If you enjoy my reviews, please click “Like” at goodreads and Amazon so that my reviews will draw more attention for the authors. Thank you!

Review: Roaring For Him by Celia Kyle

Click to buy. Do it now. You know you want to. . .

Once Upon A Time, there was a cruel, heartless woman who had three sweet, beautiful little girls, all by different fathers. Tilly, a were lion, Liv, a were tiger, and Phee, a were bear. The evil woman left the two baby girls in Tilly’s care when Tilly was still very young, going off for day to drink and party, leaving the girls always hungry, often cold, and very much alone. With three growing, hungry were tummies to fill, brave Tilly quit school to work 18 and 20 hour days at two jobs, one in a stop-and-rob and one as a waitress. The days and nights were long and hard, leaving Tilly exhausted, constantly worried, and all three often hungry and destitute when the wicked woman snuck back around to their rusted out, leaky hovel in a tacky trailer park and stole all of the little family’s meager food and money. Then, when Tilly turned eighteen, the monster came back around again, signing the care of the two youngest over to Tilly, giving her all the responsibility for her baby sisters care. As if she didn’t have that already. . . at least now, it was legal, and family services couldn’t come around and separate the three girls. Who else would want the responsibility of raising two little half-were girls but their loving older sister who would do anything to keep her little family together? Then, something horrific happened – but out of horror came a bit of money, and the girls moved to the tiny were town of Wilder, where they should have been safe. But Still, the wicked, wicked woman snuck back around, stealing the food from her daughter’s mouths and the rent money from Tilly’s pockets. Then, something happens at the bakery Tilly worked so hard to build all on her own, to feed her little family and keep them safe . . .

Dear Ms. Kyle,

I want to hug you and squeeze you and bake you chocolate cakes and cookies and tell you every day how much I appreciate this book. You brave woman. You ripped the “mommies are all sugar and spice and everything nice” blinders off and told it like it is – and, well, see the whole hug you and squeeze you thing above. Tilly, Liv and Phee are wonderful characters, having to learn early on the only way to thrive is by loving and supporting one another. Each of the girls have their own issues with the creatures who share their skins, each suffers in their own way from the abuse and abandonment of the woman who donated half their DNA and makes their lives so filled with the silence of the other shoe waiting to drop. And each is a strong and well-crafted character, damaged yes, but unbroken. You are, indeed, awesomesauce!!

This is, of course, a paranormal romance in Ms. Kyle’s signature style. She writes PR stories that have actual stories to them – stories of pain and fear, jealousy and bigotry, violence – and tons of compassion. And some really squishy sex scenes. Oh, and lots of F-bombs, so if you are one of those who gets their panties in a twist over these things? Well, skip this book and forgo the sanctimonious, preachy one-star reviews. This book isn’t for you. It is for those of us who like all the things Ms. Kyle is famous for and does so very well. I, for one, am giving it ten-stars (OK, OK, sites only allow five stars, but it is the thought that counts, right?) Ms. Kyle’s brave rendition of what more families than anyone likes to admit are really like gains her my respect and thanks. Of course, the hottie-hottness was a bonus as well (grin.)

I received this book directly from Ms. Kyle in exchange for a realistic review. Realistically? I will go back and read it again and again. It has a permanent place in my “read on a rainy day” shelf!

smiling gray boxer pup

Review: Omega Mine by Ailene Hunter

12509806Yes, Virginia, there IS such a thing as too much sex in PNR.

Last night (if you know me, you know that I have vampire tendencies – I mostly sleep during the day and work at night) I decided to put down my tablet and attack spring cleaning. Also having two different pairs of Bluetooth headphones to test, I decided to find a PNR author I hadn’t read before on I found Omega Mine by Aline Hunter, narrated by Maxine Mitchell, a narrator I hadn’t listened to before. Nearly 10 hours of audio? Bonus.

First, Maxine did a great job. I will be looking for other books narrated by her. And Ms. Hunter’s actual story concept was quite good. Ava Brisbane is a bartender in a shifter bar, well loved by those she works with. Shifters aren’t “out” in this world, and they work hard to hide their existence. Ava has to hide hers as well – she is a telepath, who can read humans, but not shifters – hence her understanding that the bar she works in is ‘different’. The world building is good, and different enough that it held my interest, and I wanted a lot more of the storyline, characters and world building. The thing is, a good ¾ of the book is just sex between the main characters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly fine with sex in my PNR – I like it, in fact. But the amount of nookie in this book overwhelmed everything. It became more about the sex than the story, and I found myself hitting the “scoot forward 30 seconds” button over and over to see if we could get back to the story by 1/3 through the book. And as the nookie got more and more violent? I just skipped through the moment the main characters got anywhere near a flat surface . . . or a wall . . . or a stool . . .

Overall, I would have really liked this book for the story. But the sex was, literally, too much. Which is a shame, as it took away from everything for me. Now, if you are one of those who would prefer to read sex scene after sex scene with basically no story other than the nookie, grab this one fast, you will love it. If you don’t like sex at all in your books? Run. For me, give me sex that contributes to a good story and I am way happy, but this one was just over-the-top for this reviewer.


My Find Of The Day: Morgan Daimler

I found this little gem in my Bookbasset e-mail  today. I love free and low-cost book e-mails!


Murder Between the Worlds: A Between the Worlds Novel
Morgan Daimler
4.8 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

100 years ago mortal earth merged with the realm of Fairy in an event called the Sundering; in a small town in this new world where mortal earth and Fairy overlap someone is torturing and killing young women. The police don’t have any good leads

so they turn to Allie McCarthy, occult bookstore owner, to help them understand the ritual behind the murders. Allie wants to help but solving murders isn’t her forte – old, rare books are what she knows best. Unfortunately for her it seems that a book might be at the center of it all, and she is the key to catching someone who definitely doesn’t want to be caught. Things get complicated as Allie finds herself caught between the police – human and elven – and her friends, looking for a book she isn’t sure exists, and trying to put the pieces together as quickly as she can. Add in romance, an out-of-control magical gift, two strangers willing to do anything to find the same book, and dark magic that might destroy both worlds and Allie’s in way over her head.

Click here to get this book for FREE

Cruising Morgan Daimler’s info in various places, I found the following info about her. I am looking forward to reading this book, but her others sound fascinating as well.

About the Author:

Morgan Daimler

My name is Morgan Daimler. I have been a witch since 1991, an Irish reconstructionist since about 1994, and heathen since 2006. I like to write poetry and recently ventured into writing fiction which I enjoy. I have had my poetry and prose published in different places including 7 anthologies, Circle magazine, Witches and Pagans magazine and the CR journal Air n-Aithesc. I am the author of the book By Land, Sea, and Sky, and the urban fantasy series Between the Worlds. Through Spero Publishing I have the children’s book a Child’s Eye View of the Fairy Faith.Through Moon Books I have Where the Hawthorn Grows, Fairy Witchcraft, and Pagan Portals: the Morrigan.

Review: Dangerous Protector – Milly Taiden

21881163The second round of the Federal Paranormal Unit series by Milly Taiden continues the ongoing adventures of the Unit as a new Unit member is introduced. Well, not exactly a member – Cynthia Vega is the new boss. A fact that Brock, the old boss, really, really doesn’t care for. Not just because he has been shoved to the side, for reasons he doesn’t understand, but because Vega is the love of his life – the love of his life who walked out on him ten-years-ago without a word. What happened then, and what happens now will blend and meld, pulling the past forward into the present as the disappearance of Vega’s young cousin leads Brock and Vega to a hidden evil which will change both Vega’s and Brock’s lives forever.

This is most definitely a hot paranormal romance, so if you are squeamish about that sort of thing, well, I wouldn’t recommend it. But hey – if ya love you some sexy, and an interesting heroine and hero, this isn’t brain science, but it is lots of fun. Enjoy!


Review: Wolf Protector – Millie Taiden

Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on. – Henry Rollins

True strength is delicate. -Louise Berliawsky Nevelson

17668267Erica Villa is strong. Oh, she may not be Superwoman, flying to the rescue. But she is one strong woman – strong enough to do what it takes to save the lives of others, no matter the personal pain.

As a member of the Federal Paranormal Unit, policing the actions of the paranormals of the world, Erica has a very special ability. She sees the last moments of a victims life – feels their pain, their horror, their grief. She knows how she will suffer every time – and she still does her job. But when the latest string of murders occur, Villa is pushed farther than she has ever been before – this time her mind may not survive.

When I finished Wolf Protector, I moved straight to the next book in the series, Dangerous Protector. I don’t often do that – go straight from one R4R to the next book in the series immediately – but this one grabbed my attention enough to do so. It is a PR, with a heavy dose of ‘hot and heavy’, but the story is good, the female lead strong and capable, and the alpha heroes not so over-the-top alpha that I wanted to cut off their dangly bits. So, it’s all good, right? 😉

Recommended for PR lovers who crave their ‘hot and sweaty’ with a good story line.

It’s Winter – Eve Langlais and FUC Bring Me A Smile

OK, it’s winter. Yep. When you can’t get away to the mountains, cabin fever and darkness can be a real downer… So what do I do? Take a break from more serious reading and snuggle into HEA paranormal romance, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate brownies, hot tea, a pile of quilts and pillows, and classical music.

Hum… what HEA this year? Well, you can’t go wrong with Eve Langlais. And her Furry United Coalition (or, yes, FUC) was my choice for spoiling myself. Wry, snarky, and ironic, Eve’s dry wit is very much on display, dragging out barks of laughter and sly giggles at unexpected moments. The perfect ‘just relax and enjoy’ reads, a set of five interlinked stories of love and unusual matings meant to be just what they are – fun and relaxing.

12356635The Furry United Coalition is a paranormal policing division, set to protect humans from the knowledge of, and attacks from, the hidden paranormal world. And FUC has a weird collection of paranormals of its own. The first unusual couple? In Bunny and the Bear Miranda is bubbly, bouncy, chatty, soft-and-cuddly bunny who makes the Energizer Bunny look like a dozy sloth. What is frowny, sleepy, grouchy attorney bear Chase to do? Especially when Miranda is kidnapped by a nasty mad scientist determined to design his own monster army. And breaking out requires bringing her saber-tooth bunny side to the fore – and a saber-tooth bunny suddenly becomes the ‘must have accessory’ for the Mastermind.

Book Two is Swan and the Bear. Chase’s brother, Mason, is a true ladies 13140136man and honeybun lover, a big playful teddy bear. But when he is assigned to protect a curvy swan, his whole world is turned upside down. Rich chocolate skin and a brilliant mind makes Jessie a rather unusual protectee for a sexy bear – especially when she turns down his sexy approach flat. Huh? Is the hot bear losing his pretty-boy mojo? Mastermind is determined to capture the brilliant computer specialist swan and Mason is just as determined to protect her. Just a warning, this second edition is filled with sudden bursts of uncontrollable laughter and snickering snorts . . .

15778159Croc and the Fox finds FUC raiding one of Mastermind’s hidden laboratories. And when cold-blooded Viktor enters the underground bunker filled with experimental subjects, subjects begging for the release of death, he finds Project X081 – and this weapons collecting warrior is thrown for a loop as he is stuck with the care of Project X081, who has never even seen the sky – that huge, blue vastness which sends her scurrying and climbing him like a tree, clinging like a limpet, and turning his whole calm, isolated life upside down. This one is my favorite of the five – two broken people finding one another – and finding that life is more than they ever expected.

ASS gets involved in the storyline this time. Yep, FUC and ASS, or17899113 Avian Soaring Society. I told you she has a wry sense of humour. Lion and the Falcon is laugh worthy, as the massively spoiled Dr. Manners, chief physician for FUC and the only son of an obsessive lioness mother finds himself partnered with a tall, sleek and violent falcon shifter with tons of attitude and no patience for a self-centered, self-indulgent male lion who is a pain in her backside – especially when she is ordered to protect his spoiled backside from escaped victims of Mastermind who are determined to take down Dr. Manners, and any other doctor who comes their way. Well, doctors did turn them into the monsters they are now. . .

Nolan’s mother Brenda is a hoot, and Clarice the falcon’s sharp edged tongue and tough attitude is a pleasure – though the privileged and hair-obsessed lion is a bit too much for me – overall, the women really make this one.

18621897Sooo sad, as The Doe and the Wolf is the last in the in the series (though I can’t help but hope she writes another…) Everett lost his job with FUC for his ‘all about me’ attitude which placed others in danger. Now the owner of The Lone Wolf Agency along with his sloth friend Tom, is asked by FUC to help track down and destroy the rest of the escaped prisoners from Masterminds vicious experiments. Injured and thrown over a cliff by a sadistic 8-foot-tall gecko, Everett is saved by one of the very victims he is determined to track down and kill for the bounty. Dawn drags him from the river and ties him to a bed in order to treat his wounds, and not be eaten by the big bad wolf. Escaping, to trek miles through the woods to the closest small town before disappearing into the woods once more, she is captured by said big, bad wolf . . . who finds himself drawn to the doe who seems so very normal to be the ferocious monster she is supposed to be. As they work together to capture the ‘not-so-normal’ gecko, Everett and Dawn suffer the wrath of Tom the sloth while Dawn desperately tries to hide the ‘monster’ that her doe has become. A chase through the forest, a sabre-tooth bunny giving birth in the woods, and a dramatic reveal of Dawn’s doe makes this edition both exciting and funny – and broke my heart when it ended, because it was the last one. Sigh. Weep.



New Releases From S.M. Reine

Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I like S.M. Reine. Well, here are some more wonderful books by one of my favorite authors!

New Release from SM Reine! Forbidden witches – The Tarot Witches #2

Forbidden Witches
Release day sale – just 99c!

Amazon Kindle US – UK – CA – AU

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Hello again! I have a new book out that I wanted to share with you. This is a paranormal romance called Forbidden Witches, which has dangerous werewolves, sexy rock stars, and…witches that happen to be forbidden. (I’m not super creative with titles. Sorry.)

This is the sequel to Caged Wolf. Like its predecessor, Forbidden Witches is only intended for adult readers due to explicit sexual content. It’s one way to keep things warm during winter, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

This book is on sale for just 99c this week – special release day price for you guys! It’ll normally be 2.99 or 3.99. I haven’t decided yet, so grab it before I make up my mind. 🙂

Ashes and Arsenic
Coming next…

I’m currently working on Cèsar’s next book, Ashes and Arsenic. I’m having a lot of fun with this one. It’s kind of a miniature Hawke family reunion – Domingo’s back in the picture, and as you can expect, he gets Cèsar into big trouble. That’s what thieving witch big brothers are for!

This will be out at the end of January, but you can already preorder it through several vendors. I’ve posted the links on my website.

By the way – I had my baby right before Halloween. He’s a healthy, happy little boy, and I’m lucky to have him! You can see a picture on my Facebook if you’re interested!

Happy holidays to my wonderful readers,

~ Sara (SM Reine)

My paranormal reads for the holidays 🙂
Forbidden book cover


About Last Night book cover

About Last Night

Corrupted book cover


Five Weeks book cover

Five Weeks

It’s HERE!!!! I See Me: Oracle Series, Book #1

The day I turned nineteen, I expected to gain what little freedom I could within the restrictions of my bank account and the hallucinations that had haunted me for the last six years. I expected to drive away from a life that had been dictated by the tragedy of others and shaped by the care of strangers. I expected to be alone.
Actually, I relished the idea of being alone.
Instead, I found fear I thought I’d overcome. Uncertainty I thought I’d painstakingly planned away. And terror that was more real than anything I’d ever hallucinated before.
I’d seen terrible, fantastical, and utterly impossible things … but not love. Not until I saw him.

This paranormal romance/urban fantasy is the first book in the Oracle Series by author Meghan Ciana Doidge. Author’s note: The ideal reading order of I See Me (Oracle 1) is between Dowser 3 and 4, but it’s not actually necessary to read the Dowser Series before reading the Oracle Series.

And no cupcakes. Okay, that’s a lie. Some cupcakes are consumed in this book. So you do get a glimpse of Jade and friends, but this is not a Dowser book.

(Leiah here – This is the BEST. COVER. EVER!!!  Now, back to our regularly scheduled reveal. )

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cupcakeMeghan Ciana Doidge is an award-winning writer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has a penchant for bloody love stories, superheroes, and the supernatural. She also has a thing for chocolate, potatoes, and sock yarn.

Novels – After The Virus, Spirit Binder, Time Walker, Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic – Dowser #1, Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic – Dowser #2, Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic – Dowser #3

Novellas/Shorts – Love Lies Bleeding and The Graveyard Kiss

WARNING: author has been known to manipulate characters with chocolate, sex, and fantastical plotting. Readers beware!



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