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Pet Food Recall

Purina Benefil Recall Animal Lovers Pay Attention!

Purina Voluntarily Recalls 10-oz. Tubs of Wet Dog Food

1I have always heard thing about Benefil being seriously unhealthy for pets. Now, a massive Recall proves it.


Nestlé Purina has issued a voluntary recall of select wet dog food sold in 10-oz. plastic tubs due to possible issues with the level of vitamins and minerals in the food.

This Purina dog food recall only involves the following brands with both a “Best Before” date range of June 2017 to August 2017 and production code range starting with the first four digits of 5363 to 6054.


  • Beneful Prepared Meals Wet Dog Food in 10-oz. Tubs

  • Beneful Chopped Blends Wet Dog Food in 10-oz. Tubs

Mars Petcare Recalls 22 Bags of Pedigree Dog Food | petMD

Mars Petcare announced a voluntary recall this week for a small number of their Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food packages.

via Mars Petcare Recalls 22 Bags of Pedigree Dog Food | petMD.

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