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So, I’m Reading A LOT Right Now. . .

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Thank you, Story Cartel!

einkI won!! Woo Hoo! I won a 6″ E-Ink Kindle from Story Cartel. How cool is that? The E-Ink is light, fits pretty much in the palm of my hand, and is the perfect size for sticking into a jacket pocket or the outside pocket of your bag when you are out and about. It has already lain with me in the tub as I enjoyed hot water, bubbles, wine and a nice little “naughty” story (thanks to Celia Kyle, one of my favorite “smexy” authors of all time . . .)  I read the first of the Ridgeville Series, “He Ain’t Lion” and got a huge kick out of Maya. Since it was storming like mad outside, and the stories are short I also read the next two in the series while I kept running more hot water into the tub! See the complete list here. Maya is one tough cookie, and laugh-out-loud funny!

Check out Story Cartel! They have some great books on tap, and you get free books in return for honest reviews. Who can beat that?

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