Lately I have been recording episodes of a show called The Night Shift that shows on NBC here in the States. Don’t know if you lovelies outside the U.S. get NBC, or the show, but if you do, I recommend this show for those of you who, like me, enjoy shows with fictional characters and interesting story lines, but very serious, very modern thought processes. Let’s face it – I rarely watch the Tube, so if I like it enough to tell you about it, I  really like it!

The show is set in San Antonio Memorial Hospital, where a group of doctors, nurses and paramedics, mostly ex-military, work to not only save their patients but to help one another through PTSD and other issues dealt with by the military, both present and ex-military, in today’s world. The show is amazing. Tonight I watched a special one that was, as always, both touching and heartbreaking. There was a previous hostage situation in the ER that cost one member of their group their life, and while they are trying to deal with that, as well as everything else, they are dealing with cases that were for me literally heartbreaking, while at the same time being absolutely uplifting.

The Night Shift - Season 2Yes there are some personal, boy-girl things in the show, the whole romance thing, but mostly this is a lot deeper than that. And the one I watched tonight encouraged me to tell you about the show and how much I am enjoying it. Tonight (original air date the 4th) was Season Two, Episode 212 Moving On. I missed the first season, and part of the second, but I really want to see the whole thing.