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A Note From Kerry Adrienne – And A New Anthology!


I got a note from Kerry Adrienne – check out Wicked Legends – it’s on pre-order for only .99!

(From Kerry)

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With over one million words of romantic fiction from all of your favorite genres, this limited edition omnibus will provide over 100 hours of reading!

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If you’re looking for a boxed set overflowing with variety, this collection will satisfy your cravings with sorcery, genies, necromancers, space pirates, shifters, and more! Travel to new worlds or discover ones hidden right beneath your nose when you order your copy of WICKED LEGENDS today!





Review: Boarlander Bash Bear by T.S. Joyce

Boarlander Bash Bear (Boarlander Bears, #2)“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” ― Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad/Roughing It

Boarlander Bash Bear is the second in T.S. Joyce’s Boarlander Series, part of her group of stories revolving around the Shifters of Damon’s Mountain. I was so glad I didn’t have to wait long for Bash’s story! In Boarlander Boss Bear, we got to meet Harrison Lang, the Crew Boss for the Boarlanders, the C-Crew of the mountain.  They are the ‘dead-ends’ – the team that would rather bleed each other than get along. Well, mostly due to Clinton, the biggest pain-in-the-ass on the mountain.

Sebastian “Bash” Kane has been fighting the ban on women in the park from the outset, and now that Harrison and Audrey are hooked up, Bash gets the OK to fill that hole in his heart – if he can find the right woman. And the right woman just happens to be Emerson Elliot, a damaged woman with a dark history who is simply looking for a friend (although she has had a crush on the Bash for years . . .)

Bash himself is a pure joy as a character. Lighthearted, big, and goofy, he considers himself to be stupid, and is embarrassed about it, but his heart is so very good, and he is so sweet, you can’t help fall in love with him and wish he were yours. And actually? Well, Bash isn’t as stupid as he has been led to believe, and you will have to read the book to truly enjoy the layers he reveals.

The romance is here, just as expected, but there is a lot more to like about this series than just snuggles. Joyce addresses serious issues of prejudice, race hatred, nasty politics and more. The Boarlander series promises to be much more than just another Shifter Romance.

I have received books from T.S. Joyce in the past in exchange for a realistic review. I am not sure if I received this one for free, so I will just say that I have received books in the past in exchange for a realistic review and this one may or may not be one of those, but how I received the books has no impact on any of my reviews.

Review: Bite Me (Pride Series Book 9) by Shelly Laurenston

Bite Me (Pride, #9)“Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.” – George Carlin
Poor Livy. Being a honey badger shifter is really the pits sometimes. Let’s take her father’s funeral.

“So how did it go?

“Fistfight on the casket. Poisonous snakes in the backyard. My father’s ex-girlfriend head-butted by my mother… The usual really.”

Wow. Growing up in a family known for being enemies to … well … everyone, isn’t actually all that easy. Especially when you have no interest in learning the finer skills of pickpocketing at age three or how to best break in to a safe, steal the swag and get away clean by the time you are a preteen. Huh. Livy isn’t interested in the family business of breaking every local, state, federal and international robbery law on the books – she just wants to be a photographer. And she is a really good one at that. But family business rears its ugly head, no matter how carefully Livy tries to stay away. And her father’s death will lead to a return to the family business, will she or nil she. Thank goodness she has good friends to back her up. And, believe it or not, her family as well. Of course, when her old friend Vic, a bear-tiger hybrid, shows up along with his friend and sometimes business partner Shen, the giant panda, things get even stickier.

Livy: “Your feline is showing.”
Vic: “Because you’re not being rational and there’s an eight-foot four-hundred-pound whiny baby over there begging me to claw the holy shit out of him.”

Polar Bear Hockey Player (and aforementioned whiney baby): “You are Rude!”

Livy has no interest in a ‘relationship’ with anyone – especially when said hybrid makes her insides feel funny. But sometimes what we want and what we need are very different. And having a mammoth sized hybrid on her side turns out to be rather a good thing after all.

I read the first two of Shelly Laurenston’s “Pride” series quite some time ago and remember liking them, and finding them rather funny. “Bite Me” is sooo much more! I laughed so hard all through the book I had tears running down my face. The story is great, but the characters make the book. From Tennessee hillbillies (and proud of it) to savants in everything from art to music to science, Shelly takes what could be cliché characters and make them so much more. There is tremendous humor here, but also depth – the love of family and friends, the sacrifices friends are willing to make, and a lot about love and duty, greed and egotism – and the best way to break into an unbreakable vault, of course.

Yes, the first ones were OK but Book Nine? Priceless! It is now on my “to be read immediately when feeling sad” shelf. And I am going to go back and read the rest as well. The first two were more of the typical ‘paranormal romance’ with some humor thrown in – lots of sex and not as much story. This one? LOTS of story, lots of laughs, and a tiny bit of very well-done sex – lagniappe rather than main course!

Highly recommended. Have fun! Oh, and please note. Just because Shelly’s wonderful cover artists couldn’t figure out the best way to make Vic look sexy in his hybrid form, (he really is quite terrifying in his shifted form! All. That. FUR!!) and put that gorgeous tiger on the cover instead, doesn’t mean that Shelly doesn’t respect her friends, the hybrid shifters!

Review: Mind Sweeper: Mind Sweeper #1 By AE Jones

22733969An angel, a demon and a vampire walk into a bar.

OK, now tell me. Who wouldn’t want to read a story that starts with that line? You see, an angel, a demon and a vampire did walk into the Erie Bar. And wreaked havoc and destruction, totally ignoring the ‘don’t let normals know you exist’ rules. So, Kyle McKinley and her partners, a Vampire and a Shamat demon, have to come in and clean up the mess. And if that wasn’t enough, poor Kyle has now been saddled with a human partner of all things. And her cop partner is not only handsome as all get-out, he is also a pushy, overbearing MAN to top it all off! As if she didn’t have enough on her plate …

This is a really wonderful first entry in the Mind Sweeper Series. The story is one of those I am always looking for – it is out of the typical for the genre. Though there are vamps, shifters and demons, they are put together in a much more interesting method than the usual found in urban fantasy. The main character, Kyle McKinley – (yes, at first I thought it was “Ky-lee” but no, it is really Ki-al” the male pronunciation – which is interesting in and of itself) but anyway, where was I? Oh, yes! Kyle is human, but not your common and garden sort. Kyle can change memories. Which is a good talent to have when the supernatural world is trying to hide in a world where cell phone cameras and security cameras are the norm rather than the exception. With her partners, Jean Luc the vampire and Misha the Russian demon, she works to keep supernatural secrets. She has worked for ten years with her best friends, and is not really happy at all when yet another human is assigned to the team. Well, you can’t blame her when the last one tried to stake Jean Luc. Idiot. (Insert big sigh here)

Soooo. . . it isn’t just the way-too-handsome Dalton being added to the group that is the problem. It seems that the vampire mixed into the vampire/angel/demon fight in the Erie lost his head – literally. And the darn head is just gone. Poof! And now there are more dead bodies lying around. And why in the world are angels going around cutting off heads with swords? Hum?

The vampire leader Sebastian is up to no good – but what exactly is it he is up to? And what is the Pavel demon leader hiding? Then of course, as much as the angels claim to be holding themselves outside of the fray, well, chopping off a vampire’s head with a big ol’ sword in a bar in front of humans is not exactly standing on the sidelines!

I had spoken to AE Jones about possibly reviewing her third novel in the series, Shifter Wars. Instead, I wheedled a copy of Mind Sweeper out of her, and I am so glad I did. Starting a good series at the first volume is always for the best (to my mind) and I was in no way disappointed. Put this on your list of series that will remain on your “keeper shelf”!

I received Mind Sweeper from the author in exchange for a realistic review. I can hardly wait to start the next in the series, The Fledgling: A Novella. Recommended!

About the Author:

Image of AE Jones

Growing up a TV junkie, award winning author AE Jones oftentimes rewrote endings of episodes in her head when she didn’t like the outcome. She immersed herself in sci-fi and soap operas. But when Buffy hit the little screen she knew her true love was paranormal. Now she spends her nights weaving stories about all variation of supernatural–their angst and their humor. After all life is about both…whether you sport fangs or not.

AE lives in Ohio with her eclectic family and friends who in no way resembles any characters in her books. Honest. Now her two cats are another story altogether.


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